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Sustainability - the buzz word of the 21st Century !
You cant escape it, its everywhere.... but , what is it ?
Sustainabilty is a word that gets most often associated with the envrionment - in the context that if we dont live sustainably on earth, humankind will cease to exist on this planet !  Being sustainable means living in a way that can continue into future generations - not consuming finite resources in their entirity, not polluting the atmosphere and waterways to the point where animal, plant and human life cannot live.
But, there are many forms of sustainability, and in Port Moody, they are seperated into "4 pillars" or main categories:
Environmental , Financial , Social , Cultural -  See the links to each individual category for more information.
Unfortunately, many people look to government to lead the sustainabilty movement, and, while considerable efforts are being made at all levels, it is up to each and every one of us to change our habits, our lifestyle, and appreciate the gift we have been given in our lives on this planet.
I am trying to capture as much information as I can on this website to help people understand how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  Government brings in legislation and regulation to try to make people behave in a more sustainable manner. 
BUT ITS UP TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS !!  We are all in this together, and we are all part of the solution as much as we are the problem.
Think sustainably every day -
The little, day to day things we do: do you need all those lights on ? could you relamp with energy saving alternatives ? did you turn off the tap when brushing your teeth ? are you over watering your lawn ? do you really need to take your car , or could you walk or ride your bike ?  When you are buying retail items, are you seeking responsible manufacturers and retailers who minimize waste in over packaging ? are you using re-usable grocery bags ?  are you shopping locally, at stores that employ locals with fair wages ?  are you recycling ?
The more major things we do:  are your investments in companies that behave responsibly environmentally and socially ? could you live in a location closer to where you work ? or work closer to home ?  does your home really need to be as big as it is ? could you convert your basement to a suite for your children or others to live ?  could your new home use geothermal, solar or other renewable energy sources ?
And, the more abstract things we do:  have you attended a performance by a local group at a local venue ? do you support local artists ?  are you looking at your purchases for the cheapest alternative, or for quality products that will last longer ?  are you throwing away items which others could use ? are you encouraging all levels of government, and getting involved , in neigbhourhood and services planning, such as neighbourhood schools, transportation alternatives, district energy programs ?
REMEMBER - business and governments rely on YOU, the consumer and the taxpayer - you have the final say in how we live in this world...  your actions will dictate the responses, and you can support those that behave responsibly, and sustainably.
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