June 27,2008 The Now News


Angela Mackenzie, Coquitlam NOW

Published: Friday, June 27, 2008

The City of Port Moody paid its employees a total of more than $12.85 million in remuneration and $205,628.67 in expenses in 2007.

Gaetan Royer, the city manager, earned the highest amount among city staff at $154,272.71 in remuneration and billed the city for $5,366.57 in expenses.

The top-five, highest-paid employees also include: Gord Parker, the city's deputy fire chief, who received $133,247.44 in remuneration and billed $2,849.55 in expenses; Colleen Rohde, director of corporate relations, who received $124,096.85 in remuneration and $3,971.59 in paid expenses; Paul Rockwood, director of finance and IT, who received $121,681.16 in remuneration and $4,457.26 in expenses; and Tim Savoie, director of planning and development services, who received $115,280.04 in remuneration and $3,624.86 in expenses.

City council received a total salary of $136,971.94 and billed the city for a total of $22,145.86 in expenses.
Mayor Joe Trasolini received the highest salary at $44,622.46 with $21,987.23 of that amount under a tax-free allowance. Councillors each received a salary of $15,391.58 with $7,695.67 under a tax-free allowance.
(MC NOTE:  THe figures above are stated incorrectly, the mayor receives 44622 PLUS 21987 as tax rfree allowance, councillors receive 15391 PLUS 7695 tax free allowance)

The mayor billed the city for the highest amount in expenses at $8,402.64, followed by Coun. Shannon Watkins at $3,729.19, Coun. Mike Clay at $2,969.99, Coun. Diana Dilworth at $2,454.01, Coun. Karen Rockwell at $2,230.30 and Coun. Bob Elliott at $1,617.23. Coun. Meghan Lahti had the least amount of billed expenses at $742.50.