The current police building was built in 1986 when the police were relocated to the existing location from the 2700 block of St John Street.  The current building has outlived its usefullness to the department as it is too small and has some serious constraints in the design.
In 2004 the city embarked on site surveys and design options for the facility - it was decided that the building would be kept at its current location, as this land is owned by the provincial government and can be used by the city only for public safety facilities.  It was deemed unsuitable for use jointly by the fire department and the police department, primarily for lack of realestate for the fire dept needs.
In October, 2004, work commenced on the new building, with a design to allow for future expansion - the extra space to be leased on a 10 year term to the CP Rail police and the BC Ambulance service - the Port Moody PD will have the option at the end of the 10 year term to reclaim the space or possibly renew the lease arrangement if the space is not needed at that time.
The project incorporates many improvements, and includes geothermal heating and other energy efficiencies which will allow the department to save about $ 50,000 per year on heating costs.