June 27,2006

Committee of the Whole
Agenda     Minutes
3.1 Alderside Road Traffic Calming
WHEREAS a survey of local residents indicated a lack of support for speed humps, it is recommended:
THAT the installation of physical devices be deferred and the City commences a process of educating Alderside multi-users , on how to share the use of the road safely through the Focus newsletter, local newspapers, the City's website and community associations.
AND THAT the city investigates options for road markings and signages.
AND THAT the report of the Engineering, Parks and Operations department dated June 21,2006 entitled Alderside Road Traffic Calming be copied to all Alderside residents.
Mayor Trasolini and Councillor Lahti voting against
Regular Council Meeting
Agenda     Minutes
2.1 Public Input
David Spence - Port Moody Foundation re: AGM and Coastal Sound
Ann Hulbert, Wendy Swalwell, Barry Tyldesly, Doug Juniper - Rocky Point Restaurant and parking concerns
Moved, seconded and DEFEATED
THAT the Public Input Period be extended past 15 minutes with the enforcement of a two minute speaking time.
Voting Against: Councillors Elliott and Rockwell
3.1 Delegation - Vancouver Port Corp
Gordon Houston presented overview of the activities of the Port Corp.
3.2 Delegation - Youth Matters
Andrew Clemmons and Brooke Lewis provided overview of the activities of Youth Matters, and their space requirements for their future operations. 
4.2 Annual Report Presentation
THAT the 2005 Annual Report be approved.
4.3 Maude Road - Road Closing Bylaw
4.4 Unsightly Premises Bylaw Amendment
5.1 Polish the Gem
THAT Council endorse in principle the pro-active enforcement of the city's regulatory bylaws in Moody Centre and refer staff's report dated June 21,2006 entitled "Polish the Gem" -Moody Centre Beautification Project to Finance Committee to report back on a source of funding to increase bylaw enforcement resources for this initiative.
5.2 Development Authorization 3250 St Johns Street
5.3 Rocky Point Park Boathouse Restaurant
Report - City Manager
THAT the June 21, 2006 report of the City Manager entitled Rocky Point Park Redevelopment be received for information.
VOTING AGAINST: Councilor Clay and Watkins
THAT prior to council consideration, the Development Permit for the Boathouse Restaurant be referred to the Parks and Recreation Commission for comment on form and character.
6.1 2005 Statement of Financial Information
THAT the 2005 Statement of Financial Information be approved.
6.2 Council Appointment to Library Expansion Committee
Verbal Report - Mayor Trasolini
That councilors Elliiott and Dilworth be appointed council representatives on the Libary Expansion Committee
6.3 Grade 5 Active Communities Initiative
Report - Directory of Community Services
THAT the City of Port Moody continues its participation in the Grade 5 Active Communities Initiative, to provide free access to admissionbased recreation services to grade 5 students as an incentive to become physically active.
7.1 Committee of the Whole Recommendations
- see above - re: Alderside Traffic Calming
7.2 Finance Committee Recommendations
THAT all options outlined in the April 20, 2006 report of the Director, Economic & Strategic Development with respect to revenue generating/cost recovery ideas for economic development programs and activities, with the inclusion of status quo as an additional option, be referred to the Economic, Tourism and Arts Development Committee for discussion and report back to the Finance Committee.
THAT staff come forward with a reasonable tax increase budget proposal for 2007.
THAT the expenditure of $40,000.00 for the purchase of a new flail mower attachment be approved with funding to come from the Equipment Replacement Reserve Surplus.
8.2 Staff Verbal Reports
The Director of Engineering, Parks and Operations reported that in response to an inquiry by a Council member regarding bus idling at the West Coast Express Station, staff sent correspondence to the West Coast Mountain Bus Company and has since received notice back that bus operators have been advised not to idle longer than three minutes a the West Coast Express Station.
10. Public Input
Peter Dasnieres - LRT Alignment for Vintner Street
Doug Juniper - Boatlaunch Parking
Wendy Swalwell - Approval process for restaurant questions.
Bruce Littlejohn - Finances from Boatlaunch, is boatlaunch being eliminated, opposition to restaurant
Karen Koch - boatlaunch parking
Dianna Brown - restaurant location, public consultation, location of alternate boatlaunch parking