LRT Task Force

  1. Committee Purpose  
    1. The purpose of the Task Force is to provide community input to Council and TransLink to ensure that the planned Light Rail Transit Project fits Port Moody’s transportation, social, economic development and aesthetic priorities.
  2. Duties 
    1. Attend scheduled meetings;
    2. Facilitate the ongoing exchange of information on community issues related to the Light Rail Transit Project;
    3. Explore and discuss opportunities associated with the Light Rail Transit Project that may benefit the City;
    4. Provide input and recommendations to Council and TransLink from time to time on community matters related to the Light Rail Transit Project;
    5. Participate in TransLink public consultation process;
    6. Share project information with their respective organizations and/or community-at-large;
    7. Assist in the public consultation process to obtain community views with respect to the project.
  3. Mandate
    1. The members shall recognize the following mandate:
      1. The Light Rail Transit (LRT) system and the general route have been selected for Port Moody and the Northeast Sector. The Task Force will not be revisiting the chosen technology nor the decision to build a light rail transit system through Moody Centre.
      2. The Light Rail Transit System road corridor and pedestrian amenities must meet the transportation requirements of the City’s Master Transportation Plan;
      3. Minimize short-term and long-term impacts to existing properties and businesses;
      4. Integrate of the LRT system with the local urban environment;
      5. Ensure accessibility for all users;
      6. Mitigate environmental impacts;
      7. Respect the heritage character of Moody Centre;
  4. Membership
    1. General:
      1. The Task Force consists of the Chair, eight community members representing a cross section of interests and a representative from the TransLink Project Team.
      2. To qualify for appointment, applicants must be a resident or business operator in Port Moody, or a government body.
      3. Invitation letters will facilitate the recruitment of Task Force members with résumés being submitted Council for selection of the eight Task Force members.
    2. Staff Support:
      1. Staff will be appointed by the City Manager to provide support, information and carry out research required by the Task Force.
      2. The City’s Committee Secretary will be made available to the Task Force for taking minutes, circulating information and other clerical responsibilities.
  5. Operations of the Task Force
    1. The Task Force will operate under the following guidelines:
      1. The Chair will be the Mayor or a member of Council.
      2. Rules of Conduct will be in accordance with the City’s Council Procedural Bylaw and Committee System Policy.
      3. If a procedural issue is not addressed in the Procedural Bylaw or Policy, Bourinot’s Rules of Order will prevail.
      4. A quorum of the Task Force shall be six out of ten voting members of the Task Force.
    2. General Conditions:
      1. The Task Force may consult with other persons, organizations or government agencies.