Apr 9,2013 Regular Council

Regular Council Meeting
Agenda                  Minutes
1.1 Art at Council
Chris Wong is a Port Moody artist who works under the name of Flair Woodworks. He draws inspiration from the unique characteristics and natural beauty of local trees that have fallen due to storms or building development. Rather than start with a plan, then find suitable materials, Chris starts with materials full of character and develops a design to suit. This process leads to very unique results that maximize the potential of the wood

Chris’ work comes in many sizes. From small items like the cribbage board we have on display tonight, which happens to be made from a apple tree he found in Burnaby. To large items such as free-standing sculptures and tables. All of it has one thing in common: Chris’ flair.

To have a look at Chris’ work check out this weekend’s ArtsConnect 14th Annual ArtWalk, as he is one of over 60 participating artists. For times, locations and map of the ArtWalk check out artsconnect.ca

1.2 Historical Highlight

This evening’s historical highlight relates to our 2013 Centennial celebrations and is ‘history in the making’. I am very pleased to be announcing the City of Port Moody’s Centennial Youth Poet Laureate, who is our first-ever poet laureate of any age.

The Youth Poet Laureate contest was organized by the Port Moody Public Library, with support from School District 43. It was open to Port Moody residents age 13 to 18 years, who were invited to submit two original poems related broadly to Port Moody’s history. The contest is an opportunity for talented teens to be leaders in encouraging the appreciation of poetry and literary arts in our community. I hope that their poems will inspire you to celebrate our City’s unique heritage during the 2013 Centennial and beyond.

I will start by announcing the runner-up for the Centennial Youth Poet Laureate who is

Colin Fehr. Colin is a grade 12 student at Heritage Woods Secondary School. His poem, "Opus", celebrates the imagery of Port Moody and tells the story of how the city has shaped him - from memories of younger days to the present. Colin, could you please come up on the stage to receive your award.

Now it is my pleasure to announce the Port Moody Centennial Youth Poet Laureate:

Megan Edmunds. Megan is a grade 11 student at Gleneagle Secondary School. Her winning poem, "Taking Root", focuses on change and the eventual acceptance of a new home - drawing parallels between the original pioneers of Port Moody and today. She is ambitious for the future, wishing to be able to follow a career in writing. Megan, could you please come up on the stage to receive your award.

On behalf of the City of Port Moody, I would like to acknowledge and thank all young poets who participated in the Youth Poet Laureate contest. The poems submitted by our finalists, and other entrants, will be on display at the Port Moody Public Library; they will also be published in School District 43’s Journal of Writing 2012/13. The winning poem, "Taking Root", will be included in the Port Moody Centennial time capsule.

There will be opportunities for our community to meet the Centennial Youth Poet Laureate, Megan Edmunds, and runner-up, Colin Fehr, at various Centennial events throughout the year including our July 1st celebrations and the Community Picnic on August 17

2. Public Input

Ann Kitching, Port Moody, congratulated Council and staff for the performance of the commemorative Council meeting held on April 7th

4.2 Text Amendment to the Heritage Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw, 2011, No. 2913
Report: Development Services – Planning Division dated March 28, 2013  / File: 6800-00/BL2913/BL2958

"City of Port Moody Heritage Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw, 2011, No. 2913, Amendment Bylaw No. 1, 2013, No. 2958" a bylaw to amend the definition of Project and to allow for applications for Tax Exemptions to be applied retroactively, and after project construction has commenced, for a defined period of time.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT Bylaw No. 2958 be now read a first time.
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT Bylaw No. 2958 be now read a second time.
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT Bylaw No. 2958 be now read a third time.
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT staff be directed to proceed with the general requirements for public notice as set out in Section 226(6)(a) and 227 of the Community Charter
Moved, seconded CARRIED
THAT staff prepare an amendment to section 11 of the Heritage Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw to clarify how the tax exemption would apply in the case of a declining housing market which may result in a reduced assessed value upon which the tax exemption would be based under the current wording of the bylaw
5.1 2013 Police Board Provisional Operating Budget
Outstanding motions from March 26, 2013 Regular Council agenda:
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the outstanding motions from March 26, 2013 Regular Council with respect to the Police budget be withdrawn
5.2 Update – Proposed General Local Government Election Bylaw, Amending Bylaw
Report: Legislative Services dated April 2, 2013  / File: BL2953
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT consideration of the General Local Government Election Amending Bylaw be deferred until after the provincial election and be returned to Council May 28, 2013.

7.1 Resolutions of Committee of the Whole

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the recommendations of the Committee of the Whole meeting of April 2, 2013 be endorsed.

THAT the 2013 Youth Focus Committee Work Plan be approved.

THAT the City/CPR Community Advisory Panel be dissolved;

AND THAT the Council of the City of Port Moody meet with CP at least once a year at a Regular Council meeting;
AND THAT the Council of the City of Port Moody meet with industry stakeholders annually at a Regular Council meeting and include property owners, and tenants, who have industrial designated land.
AND THAT any other issues be dealt with on an as required basis.

THAT a Council led booth take place at Canada Day with a video booth for residents to record a Happy Birthday Port Moody message as noted above, and that the concept be incorporated into other city Centennial Events.
THAT Committee Chairs return ideas to Council for opportunities for further public engagement at Golden Spike Days.

THAT staff adjust the Police Department budget by reducing the operating budget by $155,000

THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council that the 2013 - 2017 Financial Plan bylaw and 2013 Tax Rates bylaw be given 1st three readings at the April 23, 2013 Council meeting
9.2 Resolution and Response Letters
Admiralty Point Federal Lands – Preservation for Future Generations – from March 26, 2013 Regular Council meeting
10. Public Input
Claire Cummings, Port Moody, commented on the lack of banners in the Newport Village shopping area and requested that the City consider installing banners on the poles which have hangers for banners.