June 25,2014 Tri City News

 by  Diane Strandberg - The Tri-City News

Port Moody's most recent financial statements show a reorganization at the top.

According to the 2013 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) made public at Tuesday's council meeting, the city has fewer managers making more than $100,000 than in 2012 but those at the top earn larger salaries.

For example, last year the city's top wage earner, city manager Kevin Ramsay, made $198,264.02, compared to $126,271.85 made by Gaetan Royer, who was the city's manager in 2012. But Royer's expenses of $8,814.02 in 12 were higher than the $6,394.19 reported for Ramsay last year.

Other top officials made more in 2013, as well. Paul Rockwood, general manager of financial services, made $173,846.53 in 2013, plus $1,282.12 expenses, up from $141,718.26 in 2012.

Similarly, Ron Higo is general manager of community services, making $149,632.58 and $1,546.54 in expenses in 2013, compared to $138,525.19 and $1,464.30 in expenses in 2012, when his job was director of community services.

Meanwhile, Tim Savoie, general manager of development services, saw a jump in salary to $155,854.11, compared to $147,985.24 when he was the director of development services and the city's top wage earner in 2012.

As a result of the reorganization, the city paid out about $1.3 million more in 2013 ($8.3 million compared to $7 million) for employees making greater than $75,000 and total staff remuneration climbed from $17.2 million in 12 to $18.4 million in 13 this despite the fact that the number of people making more than $100,000 annually dropped from 21 to 18.

Council's pay, virtually unchanged from 2012, shows Mayor Mike Clay took home $73,438 while councillors each earned $25,424. One third of elected officials' pay is tax-free.

Clay also had the highest expenses, at $3,758, while, among councillors, Diana Dilworth was reimbursed $2,182 for expenses while, Bob Elliott, Rick Glumac, Gerry Nuttall, Zoe Royer and Rosemary Small collected $2,104, $1,637, $1,660, $1,759, and $1,609 respectively.



PoMo's top 10 earners for 2013 ($ figure includes salaries and benefits):

Kevin Ramsay city manager $198,264

Paul Rockwood GM, financial services $173,847

Ron Higo GM, community services $149,632

Angela Parnell GM, corporate services $149,035

Remo Faedo fire chief $144,847

Colleen Rohde city clerk (retired at end of 13) $142,301

Gord Parker deputy fire chief $125,283

David Kidd director, public works $123,985

Stephen Smith IT manager $121,902

Joan Lynn Russell director, library services $121,239