June 24,2014 Tri City News

Port Moody councillor says $124 daytimer worth the expense 

More people might be moving to online calendars or scheduling applications on their computers, tablets or smart phones, but Port Moody councillor Zoe Royer says she still prefers pen and paper.

Royer, whose expenses were average among her colleagues in last year's SOFI (Statement of Financial Information Report), spent $124.96 on a Day-Timer Starter Set Desk Size organizer because, she said, it helps her keep track of notes and information when she meets constituents out in the community.

"I have my schedule in my phone. This portfolio is so much more than a calendar, it's like my office on the road," noted Royer, who said the pockets are great for storing business cards, writing paper and a paper calendar, and for tracking mileage.

Although Royer said she didn't think the binder was leather, a similar priced item online at Staples, the store where the purchase was made, is made of Verona leather.

The information about the expenditure, obtained through a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy request, indicated that Royer bought the item last August, along with another stationery item, for a total of $174.31, which was reimbursed.

Now all of the expenses reimbursed to PoMo's mayor and councillors are on line.

Royer said she welcomes the transparency on councillor's expenses and has no hesitation in explaining her taxpayer funded receipts and expenses.