Mar 7,2017 Finance Committee

Agenda               Minutes
2.1 Recess to Closed Meeting
Resolution to Exclude Public
Moved, seconded, and CARRIED
THAT, pursuant to section 90 of the Community Charter, this portion of the Regular Meeting of the Finance Committee be closed to the public as the subject matters being considered relate to the following:
90(1)(i) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose; and
90(1)(l) discussions with municipal officers and employees respecting municipal objectives, measures, and progress reports for the purposes of preparing an annual report under section 98 [annual municipal report].
 Audit Planning 2.2 Closed to the public pursuant to section 90(1)(l) of the Community Charter.
 Legal Advice 2.3 Closed to the public pursuant to section 90(1)(i) of the Community Charter.
3. Resumption of Regular Meeting
4.1 Minutes
Moved, seconded, and CARRIED
THAT the minutes of the Finance Committee meeting held on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 be adopted.
5.1 2017 Financial Plan Draft Capital Budget
Report: Financial Services Department, dated December 23, 2016
File: 05-1700-03-2017-08
Staff continued the presentation of the 2017-2021 Financial Plan Draft and responded to questions from the Committee regarding details of specific projects listed in the 2017-2021 Project Summaries spreadsheet.
Moved, seconded, and CARRIED
THAT the proposed capital plan be received and included as part of further budget deliberations as recommended in the report dated December 23, 2016 from Financial Services Department regarding 2017 Financial Plan Draft Capital Budget.
6.1 Budget Update
Memo: Financial Services Department, dated February 27, 2017
File: 05-1700-05
Staff provided an overview of the budget update memo and noted the next steps in the budgeting process. Staff responded to questions from the Committee regarding implications of the TransPort Moody Master Transportation Plan funding.
6.2 Operating Budget Q & A
Verbal Report: General Manager of Financial Services
File: 05-1715-01
There were no questions from the Committee.
7.1 Council Request of January 10, 2017 for Budget Review
Letter: Port Moody Police Board, dated February 7, 2017
File: 14-7400-01
This item was provided for information only.