Nov 8,2016 Public Hearing

Public Hearing
Nov 8,2016
Agenda             Minutes
1.1 Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw -123 Douglas Street  Bylaw No. 3069
Report Considered at October 25, 2016 Regular Council Meeting: Development Services Department - Planning Division, dated October 17, 2016
Files: 13-6700-20-134 and 09-3900-02-1
A Bylaw to enter into a Heritage Revitalization Agreement with the Owner of Heritage Property.
Mayor Clay read the meeting procedures.
The Deputy Corporate Officer confirmed that the statutory requirements for this Public Hearing had been met and that all written public input received before the advertised deadline had been distributed with the on-table package.
Councillor Royer declared a conflict of interest due to a family member's representation of the applicant and left the meeting at this point.
Staff provided an overview of the application.
The applicant gave a presentation on the proposed development, noting that several changes were made in response to comments received at the October 4, 2016 Land Use Committee meeting.
The Mayor called for public input.
Jim Millar, Port Moody, expressed support for the application, noting the importance of preserving heritage in Port Moody.
Matt Douglas, Port Moody, noted that while he supports heritage preservation in the City, the proposed project is too dense with three houses on one lot.
Izabella Zubek, Port Moody, expressed opposition to the proposed development, noting that three houses on one lot would be too crowded, and would not fit the scale and context of the neighbourhood. Ms. Zubek expressed concerns about
encroachment of the houses on the roadway and the potential difficulty for emergency response vehicles to safely enter the area. Ms. Zubek also expressed concerns about the extra density and traffic associated with three houses located on one lot, and about excessive lot coverage.
Christine Lauzon, Port Moody, expressed appreciation for the developer's efforts to preserve heritage homes, but noted that she is opposed to the development because of the increased density.  Ms. Lauzon expressed concerns about public comments submitted prior to the Land Use Committee meeting not being included in the agenda package for the Public
John Grasty, Port Moody, expressed support for the proposed development, noting that three heritage homes on one lot in this area is preferable to a development with many townhomes.
In response to questions raised by previous speakers, the applicant noted that the three heritage houses were originally located on lots in Moody Centre, that there would be no encroachment on the roadway from any of the houses, and that
the proposed square footage includes basement floor area.
The Mayor called three times for further public input. There were no more comments from the public.
Moved, seconded, and CARRIED
THAT City of Port Moody Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw, 2016, No. 3069 (123 Douglas Street) be referred to the
Regular Council meeting to be held November 8, 2016 for consideration.
2. Close of Public Hearing
The Mayor declared the Public Hearing closed at 7:59pm