Feb 20,2013 Transportation Committee

TSC Feb 20,2013

Agenda         Minutes

2.1 Approval of Previous Minutes

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the minutes of the Transportation Committee  meeting held Thursday, January 16, 2013 be adopted.

3.1 Gatensbury Road – Request for  Centreline  Delineation near  Henry Street

Staff provided a brief overview of the request for centerline  delineation on Gatensbury Road west of Henry Street and
presented the accident location analysis. Councillor Small noted that this matter was discussed and  resolved in the June 20, 2012 meeting of the  Transportation Committee.

4.1 Police Enforcement  Concerns
This item was not discussed.

4.2 ICBC Updates

Gord Couling presented the committee with an outline of  the 2013 enforcement schedule as laid out by the BC Association of Chiefs of Police, and noted that ICBC will  be running educational campaigns one month ahead of  the enforcement schedule to raise awareness and ensure  maximum compliance. Areas of focus include high risk  driving (May), summer impaired driving (July), occupant  restraints (September), distracted driving (September),  speed relative to conditions (November), and winter  impaired driving (December & January). There will be a  year-long focus on pedestrian safety. Mr. Couling
provided an overview of ICBC investment in road safety  improvement initiatives.

4.3 Murray-Clarke  Corridor Visioning Study

Staff provided an overview of the results of the Murray�Clarke Corridor Visioning charette and open house, noting  that most participants wanted a community roadway that  accommodates bicycles, pedestrians, and businesses.  Staff also noted that concerns were raised about the  incompatible industrial uses on adjacent properties, and  that recreation related uses, storefronts, and plaza spaces  between buildings would be appreciated. Staff also noted  that most participants would like to see a second bridge or  crossing. Staff presented a revised Board 10 from the Visioning Study, which incorporated the suggestions into  two future corridor scenarios.
Bob Charbonneau strongly supported the community  recreation corridor, and noted that he does not wish to  encourage people from outside the community to drive  through Port Moody any faster than they already do. Mr.  Charbonneau also noted that the opportunities for heritage  preservation are significant along the corridor.

Alexander Turton supported the presented vision, noting  that parking and traffic problems may be alleviated by the  Evergreen Line, as it has been shown in other jurisdiction  that increases in public transit reduces demand for  parking.

Darlene Kasuya supported the vision presented, but  questioned whether the roundabouts will negatively affect  the vehicle and pedestrian flow from residential  developments on Clarke Street. Ms. Kasuya also wished  to ensure that overpasses are accessible for all.

Dave Whelan noted that regardless of Port Moody’s view of the corridor, it will be seen as a commuter corridor and  there will be congestion. Mr. Whelan would like to see a  coordinated regional response to the increases in traffic.

Gord Couling noted that this vision is timely as Burnaby  would like to direct through traffic to Highway 1 and leave  arterial routes for community traffic, which would mean  discouraging commuters from using Hastings as a  commuter route.

Audey Korpus noted that he participated in the sessions  and was happy to see that there was a general consensus  on what the community envisions for the corridor.

John Seinen noted that he also participated in the  sessions and that the vision currently presented captures  the public input very well.

Dave Whelan expressed concerns about the diminishing  of the City’s industrial tax base if industrial businesses are
forced to leave the area.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the future corridor scenarios as presented on  the revised Board 10 of the Murray Clarke Visioning  Study be endorsed. (voting against: Derek Wilson)

4.4 Health and Safety  Fair – Formation of  Sub-Committee
Councillor Small noted that the Economic Development  Committee has formed a subcommittee to work with the
Transportation Committee on a Joint Health and Safety  Fair, and that a subcommittee of the Transportation
Committee should be formed as well.

Bob Charbonneau volunteered to chair the subcommittee,  and provided a brief overview of the work involved.
Darlene Kasuya, Gord Couling, Dave Whelan, Lincoln  Penner, and Councillor Rosemary Small volunteered for  the subcommittee.

5.1 Tri-Cities Speed  Watch Monthly  Reports

Gord Couling noted that he will be providing Tri-Cities  Speed Watch Monthly reports at future meetings.

5.2 2013 Transportation  Committee Adopted Work Plan
Staff noted that Council has approved the 2013  Transportation Committee Work Plan, and noted that the  Draft Master Cycling Plan will be presented at the next meeting. Staff requested committee members to come up  with ideas that will entice more people to cycling, such as  more bike racks, better bicycle parking, wayfinding  signage, etc.

Staff also noted that the College Park Traffic Calming  Initiative will be presented to Council at the March 12, 2013 regular Council meeting.

Staff noted that the Committee will be reviewing  intersection operation improvement opportunities, and will  be asked for input on the acceptability of proposed  changes and preferred methods of publicizing these changes.

5.3 St. George Street traffic Diverters Update

Staff presented options for traffic diverters on St. George  Street and requested that committee members consider  which will be the preferred option for discouraging drivers  to use St. George Street as an alternate route for St.  Johns Street.

Councillor Small requested that this item be put on the March agenda for more in depth discussion.

6. Adjournment

Councillor Small adjourned the meeting at 9:06pm.