I hear repeatedly from residents of Port Moody that what they value most about our city is the sense of Community, the 'small town' charm, and the attachment they have to the city. Unfortunately, I also hear from many that it is that sense of community and small town charm that is being lost as the city grows and evolves.

I believe that there are several things we can do to foster a sense of community, that will be a net 'no cost' to the city, and will bring families together, getting to know our neighbours, and sharing in our successes. A stronger community is also the best crime prevention strategy we can invest in.

As Mayor, I have led Council and staff on initiatives such as 'block parties' - we started during the Centennial year and identified and removed many barriers to people celebrating with their neighbours. I have encouraged Council to engage with residents 'where they live', and we have hosted Council Cafe's and a number of town hall/open house meetings, in addition to maintaining a booth at Golden Spike Days, hosting a Community Picnic and Fireworks day and celebrating with the Port Moody Parade   We continue to support our energetic community groups putting on amazing events such as Summer Sundays, ScootFest, Wave Festival, Youth Arts Festival, Golden Spike Days, Wearable Arts, and many, many more.

Over the past three years I have worked building relationships with our neighbouring municipalities, and I believe this is evident in our new levels of cooperation.  At both the staff and Council level, the Tri-Cities are working together on initiatives and planning for our future - residents expect this and appreciate the success we have seen as a result.