Feb 6,2007 Land Use

Agenda       Minutes
5. Approval of Minutes - November 7,2006
6.1 Committee Orientation
6.2  Andres Wine Site Development Proposal - Zoning / OCP Amendment
A presentation was given by Andres Wine, John Peller and their architect/development planner.
Comments were made regarding the location being the 'gateway' to Port Moody on Barnet Highway , it being a very strategic location and adjacent to LRT.    The plan would provide 6 times the employment than is provided now on the site, a 64000 sq foot business park, facilities for seniors, artists , a community hall, daycare, grocery, parking etc. 
Questions were asked regarding consideration of the proposed alignment of the Murray Clarke and council preference for Vintner alignment,  the impacts on traffic, the proximity to industrial properties (Reichold , PCT, Mill and Timber). There was majority agreement that the timing for this project is poor based on the current OCP review but that this item should be considered, even if as just an example, in the OCP process.
6.3 2127 Clarke Street - Zoning Bylaw Amendment 
6.4 3355, 3365, 3375 Dewdney Trunk Road - Zoning Bylaw Amendment