Mar 11,2007 - Tri City News

Mar 11 2007

The Family Resource Centre, home to several parent organizations, will have to move when Coronation Park elementary school closes at the end of June.

But the president of the Coquitlam chapter of the Learning Disabilities Association of BC says the centre, which has a resource library and hosts parenting workshops, will continue to serve local families after the move from the Port Moody school.

Cathy Camley said the school district has assured her there will be space in another facility, likely Moody elementary, which is staying open.

Still, the move will stretch the centre’s $500 budget and volunteers will be needed to help, Camley said.

“It’s the board of directors who are going to be renting a truck,” she said.

Several groups associated with the centre will have to change their meeting locations once the move takes place. The groups that share the facilities are Autism Tri-City, Simon Fraser Society for Community Living, Advocacy Connections for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, the Learning Disabilities Association and the Coquitlam Chapter of the Gifted Children’s Association of BC.