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Mar 28,2006

Committee of the Whole
Agenda                  Minutes
5.1 Council Incidental Expenses - Travel Policy
Regular Council
Agenda                  Minutes
2. Public Input
Willie Martin - San Remo Drive - Re: LUC
Markus Clark - San Remo Drive - Re: LUC
Christing Essex - Port Moody Community Garden
Doug Rolling - Council of Canadians
Ann Hulbert - re Powerbox Art
included two residents of San Remo drive with concerns about the ongoing controversy of the Land Use Contract .
3.1 GVRD Sustainable Region Video
I asked that this item be placed on the agenda, as the videos from the GVRD sustainable region series are very informative, relevant and well put together. This video was in regards to Geothermal heating and micro power generation. The GVRD videos can be seen on Shaw cable 4 and are also available online at
- requesting councils support for this years Relay for Life
- presentation on the protection of water services and preventing privitization
3.4 Colours of Spring
- presentation by Polly Coad, City Horticulturalist, about the flower planting and displays currently coming into bloom around the city.
4.2 City Fee Bylaw, Mortgage Administration Fee
- adoption , carried unanimously
5.1 Greater Vancouver Home Builders Assocation - Delegation from 3/14 meeting
- response to the question about gas taxes, that the GVRD has directed 100% of federal gas tax be directed to Translink for transporation projects.
- a staff recommendation was moved and then amended to remove the requirement that members of the community garden must be residents of port moody. Further amendments were made to remove the 5 year time restriction,and to give preference to Port Moody residents on the waiting list.
Councillor Elliott and myself voted against these motions. I felt that there should be a designation that land given by the city to someone to garden should be to a Port Moody resident - the association is asking for the city to undertake an expansion, at city cost, to accomodate a demand they say they have, but they are not willing to restrict the allocation of that land to residents - it just doesnt make sense to me !
5.3 Share family and community services - Delegation from 3/14 meeting
- moved receipt of the information
- council approved a modified motion to allocate up to $ 3500 for a study trip to portland, and to seek funding from Translink. carried, councillors Clay and Watkins voting against.
I voted against this as I dont see any purpose in the city spending money to go to Portland - the system itself if built in Port Moody will be built and engineered by Translink - what we need to do is address the impacts and effects on OUR community , not someone else's. I have ridden the Portland system extensively and I am very aware of the fact that the geography, and transportation infrastructre there is NOTHING like Port Moody and we will face different challenges. Portland is a major urban centre - Port Moody is a suburban town - the two have very different requirements and challenges.
- council invited Vancouver Port Authority officials to attend a regular council meeting to discuss the impact the tax cap is having on port moody.
6.2 Fire Dept Committee Appointment
- Robin Kilty appointed to the Fire Department Committee
- the mayor reported that the task force orginally had a chair appointed from the community but that this was creating challenges, and recommded a change to the chair to be a member of council. This was carried and councillor Watkins was appointed to chair this commitee.
- staff recommended that the current corporate policy for use of the logo be repealed and replaced with an administrative policy instead. carried, councillor Watkins voting against.
The effect of this is that those wishing to use the logo will now go through staff for approval rather than coming to council.
- report from City Clerk that Scott Froom failed to file financial disclosure documents within the alloted time frame for the 2005 civic election was received.
7.1 Recommendations from Committee of the Whole
- Travel Policy amendment
8.1 Verbal Reports
As part of my verbal report I made the following Notice of Motion:
THAT as soon as reasonably possible, following completion of the current TransLink Open House sessions (round 2 ending April 6, 2006), city council arranges and hosts a ‘town hall’ style public meeting to receive feedback and discuss the concerns of the community in regards to the impact of LRT,
AND THAT TransLink representatives be invited, and encouraged, to attend to provide technical details and answer questions,
AND THAT representation from School District 43 is invited to attend to discuss their concerns and receive feedback from the community,
AND THAT members of the LRT Task Force are invited to attend to gain an in depth understanding of the concerns of the residents of Port Moody.
A motion was made and carried to deal with this notice of motion at tonights meeting - normally a notice of motion is dealt with at the following meeting.
Some discussion ensued, with some concerns being raised by the mayor that a public forum would open the city to debate and criticism of activites not under our control.
The motion was defeated, with councillors Elliott, Lahti and Mayor Trasolini voting against - councillors Clay, Dilworth and Watkins in favour.
I felt there was more than a little irony that we are willing to spend taxpayer money to travel to Portland to get their impact, but we are not willing to have a discussion with our neighbours and our community !
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