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Speed Reader Boards

What would it take for you to slow down on Port Moody roads? The city has a new tool that might make you think twice about putting the pedal to the metal.   

ICBC, Port Moody Police, the Integrated Road Safety Unit and Tri-City Speedwatch volunteers have a new tool to slow drivers down

In partnership with ICBC, Port Moody has purchased a mobile solar-powered speed reader board to clock drivers’ speed. The board works in conjunction with dedicated Tri-City Speed Watch volunteers and police enforcement to make sure drivers ease off the gas, or potentially face a hefty fine. Currently located eastbound on Murray Street, the board is portable and will move around to high crash sites, school zones and residential neighborhoods throughout the year.  

Police data for the Tri-Cities from 2003 to 2007 indicate that, on average, 210 people are injured in 350 speed-related collisions annually.  From 2001 to 2005, 15 people died in speed-related collisions in the Tri-Cities. 

“We’re interested to see the effect this speed reader board has on one of Port Moody’s busiest roads,” Constable Chris Birtch explains. “The board can stand alone, it can be coupled with a team of Tri-City Speed Watch volunteers, or it can be policed by a Port Moody traffic constable. It’s a versatile tool that makes people reflect on how they drive.”  

“Speeding and intersection safety are key priorities for ICBC,” adds Gord Couling, ICBC Road Safety Coordinator for Port Moody and Burnaby. “We work closely with municipalities, the police and Speed Watch groups throughout the province to educate drivers about the dangers of speeding. We’re reminding everyone that safety should start when you get behind the wheel. Changing our bad driving habits is an important first step.”  

The city’s citizen-based Traffic Safety Committee connected with ICBC to deliver this service.  "Residents have made it very clear that speeding and other traffic issues are high on their list of concerns,” says Committee Chair Councillor Mike Clay. “Speed reader boards, in conjunction with targeted enforcement, have an effective and lasting impact on driver behavior. Sometimes people just need the reminder to slow down. If you don't get that message from the board, expect an unwanted introduction to the Port Moody Police Department.”

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