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July 2,2008 Land Use

Agenda          Minutes
5.1 OCP Amendment - Suterbrook Parcels B and D
- increased density 
  - increase number of total units for suterbrook from 1250 to 1705
  - increase gross residential floor area from 1,250,000 sq ft to 1,750,000 sq ft
  - increase gross fsr from 1.59 to 2.1
  - add second residential tower on parcel D to the one already approved, add 10 townhouse units, remove 2 four storey residential buildings
  - increase tower floors from 26 to 32 for three remaining towers (two on parcel D, one on parcel B), with one option being additional floors in the existing building height
- reduction in parking on parcel B and D from 1.7 stalls per unit to 1.4 stalls per unit
- adding bicycle storage of .5 spaces per residential unit
- contribution of $ 2 million to affordable building fund
- increase of contribution to works yard relocation fund from 965,000 to 1,317,000
Onni offered committment of postponing construction of additional tower pending construction of Evergreen line.
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