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May 14,2009 Tri City News

Port Moody council waded through a mammoth list of more than 500 budget moratorium items to whittle down its capital spending list.

The capital project spending moratorium was approved in December to rein in discretionary costs in these times of economic uncertainty. It also gave council time to review and adopt the 2009 five-year financial plan and get feedback from residents on the budget, and to complete the new council strategic plan.

The moratorium was applied to capital projects approved and funded in 2008, as well as those still on the books from previous years but excluded projects where a contract was already awarded, emergency items or those deemed essential.

Of the hundreds of items up for consideration Tuesday night, council opted to deal with projects designated for 2008 and 2009, with those proposed for 2010 to 2013 to be considered in budget deliberations for those years.

Eleven projects will remain in the moratorium list meaning they won't go ahead this year including:

Project management funding ($62,895 in salary, benefits) for the project manager responsible for the administration and co-ordination of the city's major projects contained in the five-year plan.

Bike path development ($50,000) to complete the Bike Master Plan. City funding is contingent on a government grant and may come back for council consideration.

Library redevelopment project ($84,707), funding for a building program and concept plan, project manager, consultant fees and a detailed space program, to remain in the moratorium pending further discussion with the library.

Works yard relocation ($30,000) for a spatial needs analysis.

Moody Centre traffic and parking study ($40,000) for traffic improvement.

City-wide property audit ($50,000) to determine encroachments on to city land, to remain in moratorium pending further information from staff.

Among the numerous capital projects for which funding was approved are: various public art projects ($149,450), Inlet Theatre audio/visual equipment ($22,537), new program registration and box office systems for the Port Moody Arts Centre and Inlet Theatre ($40,000), completion of the recreation centre staff room ($10,000) and Kyle Centre floor replacement ($25,500).

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