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Sep 28,2009 Tri City News




Metro Vancouver must counter turbulent public emotions with sober facts and studies when it comes to deciding the fate of the region's garbage.

So said Metro Vancouver chief administrator Johnny Carline Friday.

He was defending the reputation of UK toxicology expert Dr. Jim Bridges, who the regional district had flown here to counter public fears about pollution from garbage incinerators.

Critics accused Bridges of ties to the waste-to-energy industry, but Carline said Bridges has "absolutely impeccable credentials" and his contact with the industry is restricted due to his role chairing an EU scientific advisory panel.

Carline repeated Bridges' assertions that people are exposed to more dioxins barbecuing or frying up bacon than living downwind of a waste incinerator.

"The image that we have of incinerators belching out all kinds of nasty stuff is from a bygone era," he said. "We've moved on from that."

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