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Nov 27,2009 Tri City News


Russ Smith will get his view back after council agreed to move a recently planted maple tree in Old Orchard Park.

Smith, who lives on the north side of Alderside Road, appeared before council earlier this month to plead for the tree’s removal, saying it had been planted in a spot that blocked the last remaining piece of ocean view from his home.

In the past few years, 10 hazard trees have been removed from Old Orchard Park and the red maple was the first replacement tree to be planted. Staff said it was chosen for its aesthetics — it flowers in early spring and provides stunning fall foliage — and the location because it is far from underground utilities and maintains the park caretaker’s sight-line of the picnic area and playground.

Coun. Gerry Nuttall said that, in the interests of being a good neighbour, the city is obligated to consider the tree’s impact on Smith’s ability to enjoy his home and it should be moved.

But Coun. Karen Rockwell said moving the tree would set a dangerous precedent.

“If we spend money we don’t have to remove this tree, we are allocating public funds completely improperly,” she said. “And if we acquiesce to one resident’s request it... puts us on a slippery slope to the next one.”

Mayor Joe Trasolini, who said he frequents Old Orchard, questioned why the tree was planted in the only open meadow area in the park.

Council agreed to hire a contractor at a cost of $850 to dig the tree up and move it to another location, with Rockwell voting against the motion. Coun. Meghan Lahti was absent.

And it seems not everybody is a fan of the fluffy pink cherry trees lining St. Johns Street. A group of business owners in the 2500-block, between Mary and Kyle streets, signed a petition asking council to cut down the trees so their storefronts and signs would be more visible.

“As these signs have cost a significant amount of money... we are requesting that these Cherry Trees be cut down, so our customers can have a better visual view of where they are located and improve their business,” states the petition, which was signed by four shop owners.

Council received the information but did not make any recommendations.

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