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June 25,2010 Tri City News


Port Moody residents in both single-family homes and some townhouse complexes will be following in Port Coquitlam’s footsteps next year when it comes to garbage and recycling pick-up.

At Tuesday’s meeting, PoMo council approved a new pick-up schedule, to start Jan. 1, 2011, in which garbage will be collected biweekly and kitchen/yard waste every week.

An extensive report from solid waste supervisor Brigitte Pronovost reviewed the results of a Metro Vancouver pilot project and two city pilots, and the strategy for implementing a new collection schedule.

The first city pilot project of 319 homes in College Park studied the results of changing pick-up frequency to weekly kitchen/yard waste and biweekly garbage pick-up. Results showed some initial confusion, and concerns that were largely addressed by staff’s suggestions and education. Four households required an up-size from the standard 120 l garbage cart to a 240 l size to handle diapers.

Staff found that in the first two months of the pilot project, the average amount of kitchen/yard waste diverted from the landfill was 78%, noting it will likely be lower during months with less yard waste. In addition, 66% of the kitchen/yard waste carts contained food waste, an 11% increase over Heritage Mountain participation rates.

A second city pilot project of two townhouse complexes showed a participation rate of 46%, with the main concern being lack of space to store the additional cart.

Pronovost recommended purchasing an additional 750 240 l garbage carts (at a $100 annual service charge) to meet projected demand for them once the collection frequency changes but council was reluctant to approve it.

“All that does is helps old dogs not learn new tricks,” said Coun. Karen Rockwell. “I think residents will rise to the occasion and if we give people larger carts, they’ll fill them. If we don’t, they’ll find ways around them.”

The city will purchase 250 larger carts instead.

The 1,292 townhouse units that are served by PoMo’s curbside garbage and recycling pick-up, as well as the 338 with centralized city pick-up, will also see changes starting next year.

Because staff cannot accommodate the existing pick-up frequency for those townhomes once the collection for single-family homes changes next year, they will also move to biweekly garbage and weekly kitchen/yard waste pick-up.

Port Moody will provide the extra 120 l carts at a cost of $186,000 and make kitchen and yard waste recycling mandatory for those townhouse units.

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