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June 25,2010


Last Updated: Friday, June 25, 2010 | 10:41 AM PT

Metro Vancouver's TransLink says there will likely be no further service expansions before 2013 because it's run out of money to add new services

Translink spokesperson Ken Hardie says the regional transit authority has enough money to sustain the previous five years' worth of expansion, but nothing more.

The news comes in a draft report that will be presented to Metro Vancouver's board on Friday morning. The report also suggests there could be another fare hike in 2013.

Despite the cash shortage, the transit authority is pursuing the expensive installation of fare-gates and smart cards, but Hardie said those are necessary improvements.

"Smart cards are going to be vitally important to us because we'll be able to tell who's using the system at what time for what length of trip All of the data that we need to ensure that the various routes and the services and the schedules out there are as efficient and as effective as possible," said Hardie.

TransLink also launched a series of public consultations in April to get public input on a new east-west rapid transit line intended to link UBC with the SkyTrain and Canada Line routes, but so far there appears to be no funding to build the route.

The regional transportation authority has also said it has no cash to build the much-delayed Evergreen rapid transit line linking Burnaby and the Tri-Cities area, east of Vancouver, despite promises from the provincial government that the line will get built.

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