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Sep 17,2010 Tri City News



Port Moody doesn’t want to see new bars and liquor stores cropping up throughout the city without its approval but changes to provincial laws may allow just that.

In June, the province passed several amendments to the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, one of which would remove requirements for the city’s comments on local liquor licence applications.

Coun. Diana Dilworth noted a recent application from a St. Johns Street establishment to increase its capacity from 65 to 125 patrons garnered significant concern from residents and the application was later denied. The new provincial regulations would mean there would be no consultation with the city on similar applications in the future, Dilworth added.

“It’s fearful to me that we could have new bars and liquor stores on St. Johns Street without us having any say whatsoever,” she said. “It’s frightening.”

Director of planning Tim Savoie said the city would retain control over land use matters but he acknowledged it’s somewhat unclear just how the new provincial regulations will affect the city.

Council agreed to request that the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch consult with the city before implementing any changes to the process for local government input on liquor licences.

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