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Transportation Committee (formerly Traffic Safety)


Committee Purpose

To provide City Council with advice and recommendations on traffic and related issues.


The Committee will provide advice and recommendations in the following areas:

  • traffic operations
  • traffic safety
  • traffic calming
  • accommodation of cyclists and pedestrians
  • accommodation of people with disabilities and seniors

The committee may hear and consider representations by any individual, organization or delegation of citizens on matters referred to it from the Mayor, City Council, the City Manager and the Director of Engineering, Parks & Operations.

The committee may refer issues to a working sub-group composed of the Committee’s members.

Recommendations from the committee not requiring Council approval or funding outside of existing budgets may be implemented directly by the Director of Engineering, Parks & Operations or the appropriate Department Head, in accordance with city policies and by-laws.

The committee will review the proposed neighbourhood advisory committee membership for traffic calming.  The Chair of the Traffic Safety Committee will present the recommended Neighbourhood Advisory Committee members for Council's approval in accordance to Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Policy.


The Committee will be comprised of the following appointed pursuant to the Council
Committee system policy:

  • 2 members of Council, one of whom will serve as the Committee Chair and other as Vice-Chair
  • 6 members from the community-at-large with balanced representation from the communities as much as possible.
  • 1 representative from Insurance Corporation of British Columbia subject to availability (voting member) 
  • 2 staff members, who will serve as committee liaisons, as follows:
    • one, appointed by the City Manager, and an alternate
    • one, appointed by the Police Chief, and an alternate

Operations of the Committee

Meeting Schedule

  • The Committee will, at their organizational meeting each year, determine their meeting
    dates, time and location and shall meet at minimum twice per year.

Rules of Procedure

  • Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of procedure set out in the
    Council Procedure Bylaw and Committee System Policy.
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