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April 5,2011 Land Use Committee

Agendas           Minutes
5.1 Proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw to Prohibit Smoking Clubs
Moved, and seconded AND DEFEATED
THAT the proposed zoning bylaw amendment to prohibit smoking clubs be supported.
Voting against: Councillor Clay, Councillor Lahti, Mayor Trasolini, R. Glumac, S. Kurrein. J. Rautenberg, R. Seifi, D. Tolentino, and K. Warren
Moved, seconded CARRIED
THAT Council direct staff to create a draft bylaw to address ventilation and second hand smoke issues associated with smoking club operation in relation to the surrounding neighborhood.

5.2 Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment to Regulate the Siting of Mechanical Equipment

Comments from the Public included but were not limited to:

Brent Hilpert, Port Moody, spoke in support of greater control.He questioned why the existing noise bylaw was not adequate to deal with the issue and what would be the status of existing heat pumps if bylaw changes were implemented.

Josephine Kovaks, Port Moody, expressed her concerned that her beautiful small neighbourhood is being disrupted by the noise of heat pumps. She expressed her belief that manufacturers need to take responsibility for noise concerns.

Kelly Seldon, Port Moody, advised that she has been suffering from the noise of her neighbours heat pump located 20" from their lot line and 6' from their bedroom window. She noted regulations currently in place in Australia.

Karl Seldon, Port Moody, noted that he believes noise, not placement is the issue.

Moved and seconded
THAT the proposed zoning bylaw amendment to regulate the siting of the mechanical equipment, such as heat pumps and air conditioners, be supported.
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the item be deferred until staff can assess the best legislative course to address noise mitigation, and additional environmental concerns such as ozone depleting refrigerants, omissions, etc.
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