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May 3,2011 Finance Committee

Agenda              Minutes
5.1  2010 Financial Statements and Audit
Verbal Report: Archie Johnston and Nancy Adie-MacKay,KPMG
Letter: KPMG Enterprise dated Apri126, 2011/ File: 05-1830-03

The Manager of Finance provided a review of the 2010 financial statements,' highlighting key areas for the Committee's information.

Archie Johnston introduced himself and Nancy AdieMacKay, both partners with KPMG. Ms. Adie-MacKay provided an overview of the 2010 audit package which included the following information:

Responsibility of management, auditors and the

Independence Letter

Significant audit findings

Audit Findings Letter

Other matters arising from the audit

Anticipated financial reporting developments for the coming years.

Ms. Adie-MacKay noted that there were no control deficiencies or areas of concern identified.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the 2010 Financial Statements be approved.
6.1  Translink MRN Funding Letter
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