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Feb 7,2012 Land Use Committee

Agenda                   Minutes

Russ Smith of 635 Alderside Road noted that he would like policies to respect existing neighbourhood views, and not permit the construction of over-height buildings. Mr. Smith noted that more clarity is needed, and that the current bylaw does not address neighbourhood needs. Mr. Smith noted that the height should be calculated based on the top of the roof rather than the centre of the roofline. Mr. Smith suggested that the Committee may wish to make changes to rules in existing subdivisions as older homes are being replac~d.

Mayor Mike Clay noted that the bylaw contains contradictory information by saying that an applicant can build to the maximum height of 10.5 metres or three storeys, but shall not exceed either.

Brent Elliott suggested that the number of storeys should not be considered in the height calculation as it is unnecessary.

Steven Kurrein noted that crawlspace should be defined as the lowest level of a building that is less than 1.2 metres in height.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT City of Port Moody Zoning Bylaw 1988, No. 1890, Amendment Bylaw No. 209, 2012, No. 2919 be recommended to Council for consideration. (voting against: Steven Kurrein, Brent Elliott)
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the a text amendment be made to change "shall not exceed 10.5 metres (34.5 ft) or three storeys" to read "shall not exceed 10.5 metres (34.5ft) NOR three storeys."

Tim Ankenman, architect representing the applicant, noted that the entire design team is in attendance, including the geotechnical consultant. environmental consultant, and geohazard consultant. Mr. Ankenman gave a presentation on the proposed development.

Councillor Dilworth called for public comments.

Lana Harris of 304-3001 Terra Vista Place noted that she opposes the proposed development. Ms. Harris noted that traffic congestion is already a serious concern in the area, and that doubling the population would exacerbate the problem.

John Grasty of 4008 - 84 Grant Street noted that he fully  supports this proposed development. Mr. Grasty noted that if the City does not plan for densification, it may be forced upon the City in the form of less desirable developments. Mr. Grasty commended the applicant on the building design, the encouragement of non-vehicular movement, and the organic solution with extensive green roofs. Mr. Grasty urged the Committee to support this application without delay.

Lee McGillverayof 102-3001 Terravista Place noted that she is opposed to the proposed amendment due to environmental, safety, livability, and traffic concerns. Ms. McGillveray noted that the area is a wetland ecosystem that should not be destroyed, and that Henry Street is not suitable for development due to the boggy environment, which makes water seepage inevitable. Ms. McGillveray noted that the development of Terravista Place resulted in a large sinkhole, and that the increased traffic would put the school children at risk. Ms. McGillveray noted that the construction noise and traffic will also adversely affect the students. Ms. McGillveray presented a petition letter signed by some residents of 3001 Terravista Place.

Wendy Swalwell of 2129 Clarke Street noted that she is in support of the proposed amendment. Ms. Swalwell noted that in 2009, the proponent presented the proposal to the Moody Centre Residents Association, whose members were quite positive about how the building is terraced into the Chines. Ms. Swalwell noted that in 2009, the Moody Centre Residents Association held a general meeting at which the diagrams of the proposal were reviewed, and members voted in favour of the proposal at that time. .

Faustino Di Bauda of 3033 St. George Street stated that he is neither in favour of the amendment nor opposed to it. Mr. Di Bauda noted that this development may block sunlight and make it impossible for him or his neighbours to have a garden. Mr. Di Bauda is also concerned that allowing this 11 storey building would allow other apartments to have 11 storeys. Mr. Di Bauda stated that development should begin on St. Johns Street.

Cliff Van Alstyne of 201-3001 Terravista Place noted that he is opposed to the amendment. Mr. Van Alstyne noted that any development on the lots should be set back from Henry Street, similar to the Terravista Development. Mr. Van Alstyne noted that the sandy loam erodes easily and quickly, resulting in large sinkholes. Mr. Van Alstyne suggests that developers should be held responsible for sinkholes for 10 to 20 years after the development is completed. Mr. Van Alstyne noted that roofs are difficult to maintain on the Chines, and that traffic congestion is a serious issue in the area. Mr. Van Alstyne stated that he has talked to people on the street and heard that they do not want to compromise their heritage character of the area for the sake of high density. Mr. Van Alstyne stated that there is no reason why the OCP or zoning bylaws should be changed.

Adrian Wang of 405-3001 Terravista Place noted that there are eight people from his building in the room who are opposed to the amendment. Mr. Wang stated that the proposed development is not appropriate for the site, and that the area cannot sustain densification, which should be done along st. Johns Street instead.

Mark Hemstuck of 3099 Terravista Place noted that the land at the proposed site is unbelievable in its abundance of life, with bears and coyotes. Mr. Hemstuck noted that destruction of wildlife habitat is wrong.

Ann Rutherford of 103-3099 Terravista Place noted that she has concerns about fisheries and wildlife, and requested the results of the environmental assessment.

Marlow McKeller of 313-3099 Terravista Pface noted that there was insufficient notice to the residents on the public meetings, and that he was not made aware of the meeting until 30 minutes before it was set to begin.

Councillor Elliott asked for the prices of the units, and for the number of accessible units.

Mr. Ankenman noted that the units will range from 200K to 600K, that all units are accessible, and that a  number of units will be fitted with access conversions.

Councillor Elliott requested information on the number of regular, visitor, and disabled parking stalls.

Mr. Ankenman noted that there will be 236 stalls, and that parking standards have been met or exceeded.

Steven Kurrein noted that the construction of Terravista Place was just as controversial prior to construction, and that he fully supports this proposed project.

Councillor Rick Glumac commented that he would prefer that the building be LEED certified.

Mr. Ankenman noted that the building will be LEED Gold equivalent, but that actual certification would unnecessarily drive costs up.

Councillor Gerry Nuttall requested information on the availability of sunlight on the development's green roofs and asked whether the same construction difficulties of Terravista Place would be encountered.

Mr. Ankenman noted that there will be four hours of direct sunlight in the winter and six to seven hours in the summer.

Mr. Ankenman noted that the terraced building will be constructed from the bottom of the hillside, which would serve as reinforcement for construction further up.

Councillor Glumac stated that he will walk through the site before the proposal comes before Council.

Brent Elliott requested and received information on run-offs and riparian zones.

Councillor Small stated that her main concerns are view disturbances and traffic congestion.

Judith Roche noted that she lives in the area and fully supports the project. Ms. Roche noted that this development would allow people to live close enough to the school that they would be able to walk rather than drive.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the application for an Official Community Plan amendment, and Zoning Bylaw amendment for the 3000 Block of Henry Streets (Lots 17, 18, 19, and 20) be supported as presented and forwarded to Council for consideration.

Wendy Swalwell of 2129 Clarke Street noted that in the past, the Moody Centre Residents' Association has endorsed and supported this type of development.

David Spence of 2722 Henry Street noted that he supports the laneway house at this site and location, and that it sets the standard for laneway houses in the area.

Fred Soofi of 2628 St George Street noted that the proposal is an excellent idea.

Steven Kurrein noted that the proposal is an excellent laneway house and that he supports it. Mr. Kurrein noted that the proposal would limit the development of this site, which is designated multi-family residential in the OCP. Mr. Kurrein suggested that the applicant make the laneway house a modular unit so that it can be moved in case of redevelopment in the future.

Judith Roche noted that she supports the application, but is concerned that there is already a secondary suite on the property.

Mayor Mike Clay stated that he wholeheartedly supports this proposal.

Brent Elliott noted that he supports the application, but that this moderate density in the middle of the block may freeze out future consolidation on that block. Mr. Elliott also noted that there must be a covenant to prevent stratification.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the application for a Zoning Bylaw amendment for 2210 Clarke Street be supported as presented.
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