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June 19,2012 Finance Committee

Agenda               Minutes
4.1 Division Functional Budget Overview - Information Technology Division
Staff provided a Division Functional Overview presentation for the Information Services Division.

Councillor Diana Dilworth suggested conducting an efficiency review on the 76 mobile and smart phones, and working with service providers to secure the lowest rates.

At the request of the Committee, staff provided additional information on eNotification, the expansion of fiber network, computer replacements, coordination with library I.T. services, integration with police I.T. services, and data backups.

The Committee thanked staff for an excellent presentation.

4.2 Proposed Timeline - Departmental Function Budget Overviews

Staff presented a revised time line for Department Functional Budget Overviews, which proposes three presentations for each of the July 17 and July 31 meetings.

The Committee discussed the proposed timeline and noted that presentations may take longer than anticipated.

Councillor Nuttall noted that committee members should be provided with ample opportunity to request clarification and further information. Councillor Nuttall requested that staff revise the proposed timeline to extend meetings by starting at 4:30pm and lasting for up to 4 hours where necessary and feasible, and present the revised timeline at the July 3, 2012 Finance Committee meeting, at which the HR department will present its Functional Budget Overview.

4.3 Youth Focus Committee- Request for Funding for Hoodies

Councillor Nuttall suggested that funding for the hoodies should be from the Council Promotion Budget.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the amount of up to $550 for the purchase of hoodies for the Youth Focus Committee be funded from the Council Promotion Budget.
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