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Joint Family Court and Youth Justice Committee

Establishment and Authority

The Provincial Court Act, Section 4, establishes the Joint Family Court Committee.

Section 4.1 of the Act states: Each municipality shall have a Family Court Committee appointed by the Municipal Council in January of each year, the members are to include persons with experience in education, health, probation or welfare, and to serve without remuneration.

Section 4.2 of the Act states: Where a court facility in which family matters are dealt with serves more than one municipality or area not in a municipality, the family court committee shall be composed of representatives from each area served.


Representatives to the Committee, as determined by the Committee, are appointed annually by each of the Municipalities, based upon the following representation.  One Alternate is appointed from each area:

1. Voting Members

 City of Coquitlam                   Six Representatives         Currently five
 City of Port Coquitlam            Three representatives     Currently three
 City of Port Moody                  Three representatives     Currently four
 Village of Anmore                    Two representatives       Currently one
 Village of Belcarra                   Two representatives       Currently none
 Electoral Area “B”                   Two representatives       Currently none

2. Non-Voting Members - Currently Ten

 Senior Probation Officer
 Share Society Representative
 Ministry of Social Services and Housing
 Port Moody Police Department
 Board of Education
 Secretary to the Family Court Committee (a position shared by the Municipalities on a rotating basis) (Port Coquitlam 1999, 2002, etc.)

Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibility as designated by the Provincial Court Act is printed at the end of this document.

The ongoing duties and responsibilities, which are set by, the Committee includes:

1. To have a positive influence in educating the public on issues related to Family Court.

2. To consider and examine the resources of the community for family and children’s matters.

3. To review and analyze legislation concerning families and youth.

4. To increase the Committee’s visibility within the community, such that it is recognized as the appropriate body to whom complaints can be made, and to whom recommendations can be proposed for improvement.

5. To forward recommendations to the Court, to the Attorney General or to others, including the Municipal Councils and other legislative bodies on matters included in the Committee’s mandates.

6. To report at least bi-annually to the Municipal Councils and annually to the Attorney General, respecting activities during the current year.

As the Committee interprets it, in studying the needs of families and children, they endeavour to assist in seeing that these needs are alleviated; to understand legislation as it relates to those needs in the community, and to provide considered opinions and recommendations to the Municipal Council, the Attorney-General, and others as it may be considered advisable.

Each member of the Committee should be:

1. Aware of the mandate of the Family Court Committee/Youth Justice Committee, how the district committee has interpreted the mandate, and be prepared to give time and energy so that the Committee will be effective.

2. An active participant in the affairs of one or more standing committees.

3. Continually watchful as to the welfare of the children and youth involved in justice, protection, divorce and custody systems.

4. Involved in discussions, workshops, and visitations to facilities and in communication with other family court committees.


The Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  Meetings are presently held in the Heritage Room, Third Floor, Port Coquitlam City Hall.  The location of the meeting rotates to the Municipality providing the secretarial duties.

A quorum is four members.  The vote of the majority is the vote of the committee.  Procedure is followed as described by Robert’s Rules.

Agenda and minutes for each Committee meeting shall be prepared and distributed in a timely manner.  In addition, to ensure that all Committee decisions are communicated to City Council and the City Administrator as soon as possible Committee “Briefs” setting out the Committee’s decisions and proposed actions on each item dealt with by the Committee shall be prepared and distributed no later than the following working day.  The distribution list for Committee agendas (including attachments) and Briefs shall include all members of Council, the City Administrator, the City Clerk, and Department Heads who will be impacted by the Committee’s decisions.  The senior staff resource person assigned to the Committee has the responsibility of ensuring that the foregoing is carried out.

Items Requiring Referral to City Council

Committee members are reminded that a Standing Committee of Council can not direct staff to take any action contrary to existing Council Policies and Directives.  Additionally, Standing Committees of Council cannot establish policies for the City without referral to City Council for consideration and ratification.  The staff resource person assigned to the Committee or the City Administrator can advise the Committee members regarding existing City Policies and the need to refer matters to Council prior to taking any action.

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