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Feb 9,2011 Parks and Rec


5.1 Community Services Department Overview
The Director of Community Services gave a presentation on the composition and structure of the Community Services Department and related facilities at the City.
5.2 Annual Work Plan For 2011

The Chair solicited suggestions from the Commission for the 2011 annual work plan. Recommendations from the 2010 Commission were referenced.
Fees Sub-committee Appointments
The Director of Community Services provided background on the context and activities of the sub-committee.
Nicki Forster, Chris Carter and Tianna Behr volunteered and were appointed to the Fees Sub-committee.
The work plan to include the following focus areas:
Annual Fees Bylaw Review
Development of a Sports Achievement Award
Development of Special Events Request Guidelines for Parks
Program and Operations Review
Annual Review of the Parks & Recreation Master plan
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the Parks & Recreation Commission work plan for 2011 be approved and forwarded to Council for consideration.
5.3 Location and Enlargement of Rocky Point Kayak Trailer

The Director of Community Services provided background on the request from Rocky Point Kayak to change the configuration and increase the footprint of the trailer at Rocky Point Park.
In response to questioning, the Director of Community Services advised that staff have suggested that the increased footprint would not detract from park use, encroach on the adjacent sidewalk or require alterations to the adjacent trees.
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the Parks and Recreation Commission finds the proposed configuration and siting of the two trailers for Rocky Point Kayak at Rocky Point Park acceptable.
6. Information

6.1 Inlet Park Redevelopment Update
The Director of Community Services provided a presentation on the background and results of the Inlet Park Redevelopment Feasibility Study
The Chair advised that Council received the study results at the February 8, 2011 Council meeting and that the redevelopment options will go out to public consultation in the spring.
The Commission questioned if there might be development levies available in the future to offset the costs. Staff advised that there may be opportunity.
In response to questioning, staff advised that an upgrade of the existing facilities without an artificial turf field would cost roughly $500,000 and that generally turf replacement reserve costs are incorporated into annual operating costs.
6.2 Attachment Commission Terms of Reference
6.3 Attachment Commission Meeting Dates
6.4 Attachment Commission Contact List
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