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July 5,2012 Arts and Culture

3.1 Port Moody Safety Fair
Susan Ius confirmed that Salome Wong has been in touch with ICBC and that ICBC will have a table at the Youth Festival to promote the Port Moody Safety Fair.

3.2 Youth Festival Subcommittee Report
Richard Dixon presented the committee with the printed rack cards and an electronic copy of the Youth Festival Program. Ms. Dixon noted that Stirling Ward took the photos over two days, and Jillian Hull collected the biographies from the youth artists. Mr. Dixon noted that the festival will be free, but that for a $5 donation, patrons will receive a copy of the program, and for a $10 donation, patrons will receive a copy of the program as well as a t-shirt with the Youth Festival logo. Mr. Dixon noted that Susan Ius has been working tirelessly to
organize the festival and its participants, and that she has been fielding hundreds of e-mails. Susan Ius noted that the Youth Festival is a successful volunteer effort. Ms. Ius provided further updates on progress
and noted that there is a volunteer meeting on July 11, 2012 to answer any questions that volunteers may have. Ms. Ius noted that the rack card will be distributed through libraries, community centres, theatres, and other organizations. Ms. Ius
noted that community centres are considering organizing field trips to the Youth Festival. Ms. Ius noted that Julia Heron, the designer of the Youth Festival logo, will not be able to attend the festival on Friday evening due to a previous commitment. Ms. Ius requested a volunteer adjudicator for the library Book Buzz competition. The judging will take place on July 24, 2012 with the first, second, and third place winner announced on Sunday evening. It is hoped that the winners will be present to receive the prizes. Joan Roberts volunteered to adjudicate the Book Buzz competition. Ms. Ius presented the Youth Festival budget to date, and noted that the festival is currently operating well within budget. Ms. Ius will find out the cost of hiring a make-up artist for the four nights of the performances. Councillor Nuttall noted that the Youth Festival will be advertised in the Tri-City News, and that revenue has not been included in the presented budget, which will also ensure that the festival is well within budget.
Jillian Hull suggested contacting the CBC to promote the festival, and noted that youth in the area are very excited about the festival, which will likely be very well attended.
Councillor Nuttall encouraged Committee members to link to the Youth Festival FaceBook page and attend the festival with family and friends. Councillor Nuttall noted that he and Stirling Ward will review the proof of the program and decide whether it will be necessary to use offset printing, which would cost an additional $50. Councillor Nuttall noted that the Youth Festival will be attended by Mayor Mike Clay, Fin Donnelly, MP, and Joe Trasolini, MLA.
James Moore, MP, has yet to confirm his attendance.

3.3 Art Core Subcommittee Report
Jillian Hull noted that the City has approved one sample bike/pedestrian vignette for the summer, and three vignettes in the fall, once the City has completed its regular markings in September. Ms. Hull requested information on accessing public art funds for the cost of the laser-cut stencils. Staff noted that Council approval will be required for public art funding, but that in the interest of having the sample completed in the summer, funds from the existing cultural services budget might be available for the cost of the sample stencil depending on the amount. Staff noted that the Public Art Panel can be convened in the summer to approve the design if funds are available. Ms. Hull will provide the cost of the sample stencil to staff. Ms. Hull announced that she now has multiple sponsors for the Art Bar initiative; A&A Steel donated 20 pieces of square aluminium tubing for the Art Bars, and Craftsman Collision has
agreed to clear-coat the Art Bars once completed. Ms. Hull noted that they will be approaching 20 Port Moody artists to design the Art Bars, and will have the heavy bars from Thriftyís
Food available for decorating at the Youth Festival. Ms. Hull noted that she has identified 4 adult artists and 3 youth artists
as Art Bar designers, and asked that Committee members provide her with contact information for other artists interested in designing an Art Bar. The completed Art Bars must be
returned by July 25, 2012 for display at the Youth Festival. Councillor Nuttall asked that Art Bars be presented to Council at the Regular Council meeting of July 24, 2012 so that they can be introduced to the public. Councillor Nuttall also noted that Susan Ius and Richard Dixon will be presenting the Youth Festival to Council at the Regular Council meeting to be held on Tuesday, July 10, 2012. Stirling Ward noted that the final version of the program will be ready by Monday morning for presentation to Council on
Tuesday. Councillor Nuttall requested that Jillian Hull follow up on the two paintings, Grandfather and Sunset, to ensure that they arrive at City Hall by Monday. Councillor Nuttall also requested that Ms. Hull discuss the workshop on natural colours with Ms. Ius and Mr. Dixon. Joan Davis noted that the Arts Centre program for the Youth Festival will be highly interactive, and that requests for Poetweets have already gone out. Ms. Davis noted that the Arts Centre will be hosting a wordplay game called Psycho Babble, where a costumed survey taker will ask for word associations to be posted on an interactive display. Ms. Davis
also noted that there will be a draw for a free art class at the Arts Centre.

3.4 Library YouTube Book Buzz Contest Update
This item was discussed under item 3.1.

3.5 Street Performers
Staff noted that Council will consider the Fees Bylaw amendment to allow the City to receive payments for the Street Performer licenses. Staff noted that the program is currently being promoted on the City website, and can be promoted in the local newspapers, via social media, and directly to other organizations that work with buskers, such as the Granville Island Busking Program Coordinators as well as those of the City of Vancouver. Moved, seconded and CARRIED THAT staff be authorized to promote the program through social media, other busking program coordinators, and local newspapers.
Staff will report back on the success of the marketing, and if necessary, expand promotional efforts to the Georgia Straight or other similar publication.

3.6 Review of 2012 Work Plan
Staff presented the 2012 Work Plan for review, noting that the Committee is on track for all items on the plan. Staff noted that the Evergreen Line Public Art item was added to the Work Plan recently. Councillor Nuttall noted that the $2,000 advertising program to promote Port Moody events will be on the next agenda.
Ann Kitching noted that she would like to see posters summarizing upcoming events in Newport and Suter Brook.

3.7 City Website
Staff presented the latest changes to the Arts and Culture section of the City website. Councillor Nuttall noted that the events listing should be in date order rather than alphabetical by name of event. Ann Kitching noted that Art in the Garden is missing. Susan Ius suggested removing the years from the picture captions and correcting the e-mail address. Jillian Hull suggested adding Scotia Bank and VanCity Credit Union to businesses showcasing art. The Committee discussed having the names of the Arts and Culture Committee members on the Arts and Culture section of the City website.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT names of Arts and Culture Committee members be listed on the Arts and Culture section of the City website.
3.8 Public Art Update
Staff provided an update from the Public Art Panel and noted that an artist has been selected for the necklace project. Blake Williams, a Vancouver artist with a background in mosaics,
was selected by the Public Art Panel for the Necklace Project. Staff presented Mr. Williamsís proposal for the project, and noted that the pieces will be backlit glass tiles featuring the history of Port Moody. The Public Art Panel has requested that less commonly known photos be used.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT Blake Williamsís Proposal for the Necklace Project be endorsed.
4.1 Evergreen Line Committee
A letter from the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project confirming their commitment to working with a Public Art Liaison Committee was distributed on table. The Committee discussed participation on the Evergreen Line Public Art Liaison Committee.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT Susan Ius, Stirling Ward, Devin Jain, Gerry Nuttall, and one member each from the Arts Centre Society, ArtsConnect, and Port Moody Artists Association be appointed to the Evergreen Line Public Art Liaison Committee.

Staff will send out an e-mail with suggested meeting dates.
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