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Jan 5,2012 Arts and Culture

4.1 Youth Festival

Susan Ius presented the Youth Festival outline produced by the Youth Festival Subcommittee (Susan Ius, Richard Dixon, Councillor Nuttall). Ms. Ius noted that the festival will have "Celebration of Youth" as its theme, and will involve 13 to 18 year-olds in the Tri-Cities area, with a special emphasis on Port Moody residents.

Councillor Nuttall noted that he has met with Collin from Goliath productions, and discussed potential cooperation in stage management. Councillor Nuttall also noted that Vicki Alesia will work with the subcommittee to coordinate the visual arts component of the festival.

Ms. Allesia noted that she and the Blackberry Artists are working with middle school students on a visual art project, which could be incorporated into the Youth Festival, but noted that some students are as young as 11.

Ms. Ius provided further details on the festival, noting that it would take place at the Port Moody Civic Complex in the last week of July, and will include performances up to 30 minutes in length, static displays, and seminars connecting youth artists with professionals.

Ms. Ius noted that in order to convey that this is a serious and professional event, performers will audition before adjudicators, and a small admission fee will be charged to attendees, possibly in the form of a 3 day event pass, or a daily admission fee.

Ms. Ius noted that the event will be promoted through existing arts groups, local papers, "Youthlnk," website, flyers, posters, Facebook, etc. Ms. Ius noted that Councillor Nuttall has volunteered his services as a coordinator.

Councillor Nuttall noted that the subcommittee also discussed potential sponsors, including art schools, art supply stores, etc, for whom a display area could be set up. Councillor Nuttall noted that Melissa Hyndes, school trustee, will be involved in the Youth Festival.

Ms. Allesia gave an overview of the joint project between the Blackberry Artists and the Moody Middle School Students, and suggested expanding the age range to 11 to 18.

The Committee discussed the age range, and agreed that for performances, it should remain at 13, as performers must be able to work independently.

Rosario Passos suggested working with art teachers to incorporate projects into the curriculum.

Jillian Hull suggested providing youth artists an opportunity to sell their work at a table in the galleria, and running seminars on entrepreneurship, marketing, display set-up, etc. Ms. Hull noted that she would be able to arrange professional artists to give these seminars.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED

THAT an area be set up for young artisans to display and sell their art, and that an area be set up for seminars on art entrepreneurship.

The committee discussed involving the City's youth coordinator, Brent Cote, in planning for the Youth Festival. Devin Jain, Manager of Cultural Services, noted that Corina Lefebvre, Youth Programmer, could be invited to attend future meetings.

Councillor Nuttall noted that the Youth Focus Committee is very active, and that they have a representative, Natalie Forster, on the Centennial Steering Committee, who may also take part in planning the Youth Festival.

Helen Daniels noted that a group called Community Life Force organizes a multicultural festival each year, and that they may wish to get involved with the Youth Festival.

Stirling Ward suggested holding a photography competition with a theme.

Councillor Nuttall noted that the Youth Festival should be a showcase of talent rather than a competition, but that a photo contest may still be possible.

Ms. Daniels suggested that the 2013 calendar could feature some of the submissions to the photo contest.

Ann Kitching noted that the call for interest should be put out as early as pOSSible, as it takes a long time for participants to get organized.

Moved, seconded, and DEFEATED
THAT the age criteria be expanded to 11 to 18 in the visual arts area.
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT for this year, a limited display from Moody Middle School would be included in the Youth Festival as an adjunct to the visual arts component.
Moved, seconded, and CARRIED
THAT the Youth Festival Report be received as amended.

Richard Dixon drew the Committee's attention to the writing component of the Festival, noting that it is a completely different discipline from what the Committee has previously discussed.

5.1 2012 Work Plan

Mr. Jain noted that the 2011 Annual Report included on-going projects and suggested areas of focus (Youth Festival, Street Performers Program, Encouraging the Use of Non-Traditional Venues, and Increasing Marketing and Promotion of the Arts), and should be the starting point for developing the 2012 Work Plan.

Councillor Nuttall noted that Newport Village responded positively to the Street Performers Program, and that discussions with Suter Brook are progressing much more slowly.

Councillor Nuttall noted that that the four action items on pages 16 and 17 of the Arts and Culture Master Plan should be included in the 2012 Work Plan. The Committee discussed this and agreed.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the four action items on pages 16 and 17 of the Arts and Culture Master Plan be included in the 2012 Work Plan.

Action: Mr. Jain will present the 2012 Work Plan for the Committee's review at the next meeting.

5.2 2012 Budget

Councillor Nuttall suggested requesting a $10,000 budget in 2012 for initiating the implementation of the Arts and Culture Master Plan.

The Committee confirmed that the Youth Festival Budget is included in this request.

Councillor Zoe Royer noted that money is needed for a large City of the Arts sign.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT a $10,000 budget be requested to begin implementation of the Arts and Culture Master Plan in 2012.

Ms. Hull suggested promoting art in business at the 2012 Spike Awards.

5.3 Encourage Use of Non-Traditional Venues

This item was not discussed.

5.4 Increase Marketing and Promotion of the Arts

This item was not discussed.

5.5 Necklace Project

Mr. Jain gave an overview of the Necklace Project, which involves art projects in ten Metro Vancouver municipalities tied together by the common theme of illuminance. Mr. Jain noted that the City of Port Moody has yet to complete its project, and presented the concept of a series of illuminated mosaics to highlight heritage areas as proposed by the Public Art Panel.

The Committee discussed the proposal and expressed approval.

Mr. Ward suggested that the mosaics should be on vertical surfaces rather than on sidewalks, and should be easy to maintain and resistant to vandalism.

Ms. Ius noted that the Public Art Panel picked the sites for the mosaics, but that the exact set up will be dependent on the location.

Mr. Dixon suggesting having one large mosaic in a prominent place that would lead people to seek out the smaller mosaics throughout the city.

Councillor Royer noted that Port Moody would have its own Necklace Project by having multiple sites, and that the mosaics should be vertical, large, and visible.

Ms. Hull noted that embedding mosaics in sidewalks would incorporate an element of surprise, and allow people to see art where they do not expect it.

Ms. Daniels agreed that there should be an iconic piece that is the hub of the entire project, or just one large iconic piece.

Ms. Ius noted that the heritage locations and theme tie very well into the Centennial Celebrations.

The Committee as a whole expressed approval of the concept and the theme, and would like to see one large mosaic and several smaller mosaics.

Action: Mr. Jain to investigate feasibility of having one large mosaic and several smaller mosaics and report back at a subsequent meeting.

5.6 Appointments to Public Art Panel

Action: Mr. Jain to bring this item back at the next meeting along with the latest terms of reference for the Public Art Panel and information on members representing the community at large.

Mr. Jain provided a brief overview of the role of the Public Art Panel.

Stirling Ward and Susan Ius volunteered to represent the Arts and Culture Committee on the Public Art Panel. .

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT Stirling Ward and Susan Ius represent the Arts and Culture Committee on the Public Arts Panel.

6.1 Public Art Update

This item was not discussed

6.2 Wearable Art

Ann Kitching noted that the Wearable Art Awards for 2012 has been cancelled due to an insufficient number of entries, and that planning for the 2013 show is currently underway. Ms. Kitching noted that the call for entries should be issued by the end of next week.

6.3 Civic Appreciation Dinner
Mr. Jain reminded returning committee members to confirm their attendance at the Civic Appreciation Dinner.
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