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Mayors who Tweet

I was recently asked by Michelle Murray , a blogger and social media type, to answer a few questions about twitter use.
Thought I would share the answers:


1. Why do you Tweet?
I use twitter (or send tweets) when I have some information that I feel others could benefit from. I recognize it is a 'broadcast' tool and don't use it to engage in conversation - really just to let people know about a significant event or information item. (The same reason i READ tweets !)

2. Did you Tweet throughout your election campaign?

I did not tweet a great deal during my campaign other than to let people know of things that were happening at that time.
3. What are your favourite things to Tweet about?
Community events (festivals, fun things) and important things happening in our community (major traffic disruptions or safety issues)
4. Do you think there should be a focus on engaging growth of your community through City focused Social Media?
I think the city should be using social media as ONE of the tools of engagement to ensure that residents are as informed as they can be about what is going on .  I think if we can engage and educate residents on the issues, and then have good dialogue and debate, we make decisions that everyone is behind.
5. What’s your biggest Tweet Peeve?
People who use twitter for conversations - get text messaging or email, but it gets really annoying.

6. Who do you shamlessly follow on Twitter (Justin Beiber, Kim Catrall, Real Housewives of Vancouver???)

I don't shamelessly follow anyone - or i shamelessly follow everyone ? There is no shame in my twitter account :  Pretty much everyone i follow is because they provide good information that I am genuinely interested in.
7. If there was one thing your community could do to be more involved online it would be.......
... more interactive dialogue via social media, like facebook or live chat or something like that.  And more video.
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