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Mar 19,2013 Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole
Agenda               Minutes
3.1 Minutes
File: 0550-03-02
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT the minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting of Tuesday, March 5, 2013 be adopted.

Report: Financial Services dated March 11, 2013  / File: 1200-1
Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT staff review and report back to Council on the zero to $5,000 category where purchasing can take place without having to receive three quotes to obtain competitive bids.

Voting against: Councillor Dilworth

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT staff report back on a process to ensure that local businesses have the opportunity to quote on all purchases.
Report: Financial Services Department, Finance Division dated March 13, 2013

Council discussed the timing of budget adoption noting that final deliberations will be at the April 2nd, 2013 Committee of the Whole meeting then considered at a Regular Council meeting once staff has prepared the necessary bylaws.

Councillor Elliott left the meeting at 7:21 pm and did not return.

5.1 Translink Regional Transportation Strategy
File: 0475-10

Verbal Update from  General Manager of Engineering and Parks Services


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