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Nov 12,2013 Committee of the Whole

Agenda             Minutes
2.1 Council Idemnity Consultant
Verbal Report: Sainas Consulting

The General Manager of Corporate Services provided a brief introduction of Ms Kathy Sainas who has been engaged to undertake a review of the Council’s Indemnities. It was indicated that Ms Sainas was in attendance this evening to get a sense of the scope of the project and ensure Council’s concerns are captured

Councillor Glumac joined the meeting at this point.

Ms Sainas then utilized a PowerPoint presentation to provide an overview of her proposed methodology.

The following criteria, among others, were identified as important considerations:

• Criteria for comparison with other municipalities based on the population; total operating expenditures, region, and size of geographic area. Discussions resulted in selection of the following:

1. City of Coquitlam
2. District of North Vancouver
3. District of Maple Ridge
4. City of New Westminster
5. City of Port Coquitlam
6. City of North Vancouver
7. District of West Vancouver
8. City of Langley
9. City of White Rock;
• Annual salary (including manner of calculating the differential between Mayor and Councillors) and benefits;
• Expenses (the City’s current policy regarding attendance at conferences seems to work well);
• Vehicle allowance, compensation for ‘Acting Mayor’;
• Separation/transition allowance;
• Technology tools/communications devices; and,
• Target position in the market.

Members of Council indicated a desire to include questions regarding ‘responsibilities’ which included the numbers of Standing and/or Select Committees on which members of Council serve and/or chair. as well as other Boards, Task Forces, etc.

Ms Sainas requested clarification as to the anticipated implementation date as this could affect how the data is collected.

Discussion ensued at considerable length following which Members of Council requested that Ms Sainas provide copies of the proposed questionnaire prior to its release.

In response to queries as to the anticipated timing of the report, the General Manager of Corporate Services indicated that the proposal had suggested completion within 3 to 4 weeks; however with the expanded terms of reference, a longer timeframe will be required. Members of Council requested that the report be submitted at the earliest possible date.

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