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July 8,2014 Public Hearing

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1.1 Land Use Contract Amendment - 220 Brew Street, Suter Brook
File: 6700-20-120 and 3900-02

City of Port Moody Land Use Contract No. 4, 1978, Authorization Bylaw No. 1409, Amendment Bylaw No. 9, 2014, 2979.

Mayor Clay read the meeting procedures.

The City Clerk confirmed that the statutory requirements for this Public Hearing had been met.

Darcy Vogel, Port Moody, thanked Council for receiving input from Suterbrook residents. Ms. Vogel noted that while she supports the concept of a daycare, she does not wish to see one in Suterbrook, as it would result in traffic congestion and illegal parking. Ms. Vogel suggested that daycares be established in another location in Port Moody. Ms. Vogel noted that she would prefer an office tower rather than a daycare.

Brian Harney, Port Moody, noted his opposition to the daycare, citing issues such as traffic impact, illegal parking, the lack of bylaw enforcement, the lack of loading bays, the inaccessibility of the underground parking, etc. Mr. Harney noted that he prefers an office tower over a daycare.

Chris Carter, Port Moody, noted that he supports increasing office space to attract local jobs and diversity the City's tax base. Mr. Carter noted his opposition to large corporations, and stated that he believes big business and child care are incompatible.

Peter Dasniere, Port Moody, noted that he received the clarification that he sought on the application, namely that the proposal is for additional use to existing density rather than for additional density.

Mo Bassifat, Port Moody, noted that he is strongly opposed to the daycare due to increase in traffic, and that visitors to Suterbrook do not use the underground parking because the ramps are too narrow.

Julia Cato, Port Moody, noted that having a flexible daycare in Suterbrook within walking distance would be highly desirable, and that the daycare is likely to be at capacity from serving only the residents of Suterbrook, Klahanie, and Newport Village, as such, it is not likely that there will be a significant increase in vehicular traffic. Ms. Cato noted that Onni does fail to meet expectations in their enforcement of parking regulations, and could do a better job of towing offenders.

Jay Syverson, Port Moody, spoke in opposition to the proposal, noting that the traffic impact will be significant, especially since existing volumes are posing a challenge.

Glen Gardner, Vancouver, noted that daycare is necessary for attracting commercial tenants in the new office building.

Jan Voss, Port Moody, noted that Creative Transportation Solutions have conducted many studies on traffic generated by daycares, and that daycares spread out the traffic better than offices, as pick ups and drop offs are spread out over a longer period of time.

Karen Smith, Port Moody, spoke in opposition to the daycare, noting that it was not planned as part of the Suterbrook development. Ms. Smith noted that the City should plan for a daycare where it would be safe to do so, rather than add vehicular traffic to a pedestrian area.

Denise Kelly, Kids and Company, noted that traffic safety issues are taken into consideration when daycares apply for community care licensing, and that if any safety issue existed, they would be unable to obtain a license. Ms. Kelly also noted that commercial tenants around the daycare make extensive use of their daycare services.

Brendan Yee, Onni, acknowledged the feedback on parking enforcement, and noted that they are able to increase enforcement, but have not done so only due to neighbourhood opposition.

The Mayor called three more times for public input. There were no more written or verbal comments on Bylaw 2979 from the public.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT City of Port Moody Land Use Contract No. 4,1978, Authorization Bylaw No. 1409, Amendment Bylaw No. 9, 2014, 2979, being a bylaw to amend Land Use Contract No. 4,1978, Authorization Bylaw No. 1409 be forwarded to the July 8, 2014 Regular Council meeting for further consideration.

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