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Jan 6,2015 Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole
Agenda               Minutes
3.1 Minutes 
File: 0550-03-02
Moved and CARRIED
THAT the minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting of Tuesday, November 25, 2014 be adopted.
5.1 Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion - Update
Report: Development Services - Sustainability Division, dated December 14, 2014
Presentation: Manager of Sustainability
File: 01-0430-20
The Manager of Sustainability gave a presentation on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project Proposal, including an overview of the National Energy Board Review Process, the milestones for interveners, a summary of actions taken to date, and feedback received from the public. It was noted that the next round of questions will be submitted on January 16, 2015, written evidence will be provided in May, 2015 and oral arguments in August, 2015.
Council discussed the National Energy Board Review Process, remarking on the high percentage of questions rejected by the board, and discussed alternatives for ensuring that important issues are addressed.
Moved and CARRIED
THAT this matter be referred to the Environmental Protection Committee to generate alternate ideas to prevent the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project from being completed.
Moved and CARRIED
THAT the report dated December 14, 2014 from Development Services, Sustainability Division regarding the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project proposal be received for information.

5.2 Traffic Signal Asset Management Plan
Report: Engineering and Parks Services, dated September 26, 2014
Presentation: Transportation Engineering Technologist
File: 5460-03-04
The Transportation Engineering Technologist gave a presentation on Traffic Signal Infrastructure Asset Management and answered questions from Council.
Moved and CARRIED
THAT the report dated September 26, 2014 from Engineering and Parks Services, regarding the Traffic Signal Asset Management Plan, be received for information.
5.3 Community Partnership Request-TriCities Local Immigration Partnership
Report: Development Services - Planning Division, dated December 19, 2014 / File: 0375-20-28
Council discussed the possibility of appointing a Council Representative to the Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership rather than a staff member.
Moved and CARRIED
THAT the City reach out to the Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership to formally request that they attend a Council Meeting to discuss a way forward with a partnership.
(Voting Against: Councillor Junker)
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