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Dec 4,2014 Special Council

Special Meeting of Council
Agenda                Minutes

2. Public Input
Dave Hall, Port Moody, expressed concerns about the sharing of information by the current representative to Metro Vancouver with the rest of Council, saying that the Mayor did not share information about the Metro Vancouver Board decision on Port Moody's Official Community Plan with the rest of Council, thereby causing a legal battle between Metro Vancouver and the City. Mr. Hall urged Council to send a different representative to the Metro Vancouver Board.

Ann Hulbert, Port Moody, stated that she has known the current Mayor for many years, and that she has also known the majority of councillors for years. Ms. Hulbert stated that there is no reason to believe that there is anything untoward or secretive about the Mayor, and urged Council to reaffirm his appointment to the Metro Vancouver Board.

George Broderick, Port Moody, expressed concerns about the sharing of information by the Mayor and urged Council to choose another long serving member of Council as representative on the Board.

Caroline Mullin, Port Moody, expressed deep concerns about information not being shared with Councillors by the Mayor, and the need for greater transparency, Ms. Mullin noted that she would like to see a change in the representative.

Peter Endisch, Anmore, expressed concerns about information not being shared by the Mayor about Metro Vancouver's response to Port Moody's Official Community Plan, and said that Councillors cannot do their jobs without the information they need. Mr. Endisch stated that the Mayor should not be appointed to the Metro Vancouver Board.

Helen Daniels, Port Moody, noted that issue of transparency has shaken her confidence, and cannot say who will be the best representative on the Metro Vancouver Board. Ms. Daniels noted that what she has heard suggested that there is a lack of transparency.

3.1 Acting Mayor Appointment (December 2014)
File: 0530-01

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT Councillor Diana Dilworth and Councillor Rick Glumac be appointed First and Second Acting Mayor respectively for the month of December 2014.

3.2 Regional Appointment , Metro Vancouver Board
Letter: Metro Vancouver, dated November 18, 2014 / File: 0480-01

Moved and seconded
THAT Mayor Mike Clay be appointed as the City of Port Moody representative to the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors;
AND THAT Councillor Meghan Lahti be appointed as the alternate representative.

Moved seconded and CARRIED
THAT the foregoing motion be amended by adding:
AND THAT the appointee be required to report on a monthly basis on Metro Vancouver regional issues in order to share information and seek input from council.
The question on the main motion as amended was put and CARRIED.

(Voting against: Councillor Royer)

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