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Nov 25,2014 Publc Hearing

Public Hearing
Agenda               Minutes

1.1 Land Use Contract Amendment - 220 Brew Street, Suter Brook
File: 6700-20-120 and 3900-02

City of Port Moody Bylaw No. 2979, being a bylaw to amend Land Use Contract No. 4, 1978, Authorization Bylaw No. 1409.

Mayor Clay read the meeting procedures.

The City Clerk confirmed that the statutory requirements for this Public Hearing had been met.

The General Manager of Development Services provided an overview of the proposed bylaw.

The Mayor called for public input.


Brendan Yee, Onni Group, highlighted the changes they have made based on the comments received from Council and the public at the previous Public Hearing. Mr. Yee noted that the amendment will allow only for either daycare or office use. Mr. Yee also noted that no additional density is being requested, that the proposed lease with Kids and Company is 15 years with an option to renew, and that Diamond Parking has been contracted for parking enforcement and instructed to institute zero tolerance for any parking violation. Forty to sixty tickets have been issued to date, with the number of infractions slowly declining.
Mr. Yee also noted that Creative Transportation Solutions had been engaged for an audit of parking and access into and egress from the parkade. Recommendations included changing the direction
of the flow of traffic, adding a flashing amber system, and dedicating 19
stalls for pick up and drop off. Daycare workers will request that
parents use the dedicated zone.
Mr. Yee also commented on the importance of having daycare services available to the community, and noted that Kids and Company is different from smaller daycares in that they provide flexible hours, meals, greater age ranges served, and no late fees. Mr. Yee provided an overview of the public consultation held on Saturday, November 22, 2014 and noted that may users of this daycare are expected to be existing residents and business tenants. At the request of Council, a representative of Creative Transportation Solutions explained the proposed changes to parking accesses and traffic flow.

Rick Pasin, representing the 900 members of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, spoke in favour of the proposed Land Use Contract Amendment, noting that this proposal presents Council with an opportunity, to kick start the economy by ensuring the success of the nine storey office building that will afford residents the opportunity to live, work, and play in the Tri-Cities. Mr. Pasin noted that as parents must sacrifice work days until children are school aged, the lack of childcare makes a significant economic impact. Mr. Pasin stated that the proposed land use amendment makes sense, assists in securing an anchor tenant for the office tower that is about to be built, and supports women who want to stay in the workforce.

Kathy Young, Port Moody, spoke in opposition to increasing space for daycare, noting that Suterbrook experiences overwhelming traffic congestion, which is made worse by the parkade height restrictions that force pick up and delivery of goods and wastes onto the streets. Ms. Young noted that pedestrian traffic is heavy, with dogs tied to posts, senior citizens with canes, and people with pushcarts. Ms. Young noted that adding 140 trips to drop off and pick up 160 infants to kindergarten aged children plus another 300 office workers and increased traffic from the Evergreen Line would create an untenable situation.

Karen Smith, Port Moody, spoke'in opposition to the proposed amendment, noting that the parking spots to be made available to the daycare are insufficient, and will result in traffic chaos, with cars parked on the sidewalks. Ms. Smith noted that even with the unrealistically small number of trips added by the daycare, the car traffic would be too much for the area. Ms. Smith also expressed concerns with the environmental conditions for the daycare users, the cost of the daycare services, the inaccessibility of parks and green spaces in the area, and the lack of well-paid union jobs for the daycare workers.

Kelly Hobbis, Port Moody, noted that she is a member of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce and a small business owner who lives in Suterbrook, and spoke in opposition to the proposed Land Use Contract Amendment due to the traffic issues. Ms. Hobbis noted that adding 157 cars is unacceptable, and that the proposed changes to the parkade will make an already difficult to navigate area even more difficult. Ms. Hobbis stated that Onni does not have sufficient parking enforcement and that she has seen four parking violations within 15 minutes.

Mike Botic, Port Moody, spoke in favour of the proposed Land Use Contract Amendment, noting that traffic issues can be taken into perspective. Mr. Botic noted that the daycare will be located in an area with many young families, and that many parents will be taken their children to daycare on foot from very near by. Mr. Botic noted that a daycare of a similar size could be placed on the first floor if the amendment is not approved. Mr. Botic also noted that one of the photos submitted in a written comment to Council is of garbage pick up day and not of traffic congestion. Mr. Botic noted that having to make extra turns in the parkade is a small price to pay to have a top-of-theline daycare in the neighbourhood.

Sabina Hill, Port Moody, spoke against the proposed Land Use Contract Amendment, noting that none of the traffic issues previously raised have been adequately addressed by the proposed traffic plan. Ms. Hill noted that the difficulty in; entering and exiting the parkade from the Brew Street ramp nearer to the daycare has not been addressed, as it remains impossible for cars to enter and exit at the same time. Ms. Hill also noted that Onni has not conducted sufficient parking enforcement.

Brian Harney, Port Moody, spoke against the proposed Land Use Contract Amendment, echoing concerns already expressed about traffic issues, and noting that the proposed amber warning lights at the Brew Street ramp to the parkade will do nothing to alleviate the traffic issues as multiple cars travelling on that ramp will not be able to proceed regardless of whether there is a flashing amber light.

Gil Desaulniers, Port Moody, spoke in favour of the proposed Land Use Contract Amendment, noting that he has a pediatric chiropractic business in Suterbrook and has many clients who walk to his business. Mr. Desaulniers noted that most families need two incomes in order to live in the area, and would be supported by having a daycare in the same place. Mr. Desaulnier noted that traffic issues need to be addressed, but that this would also be the case regardless of what business moves in.

Darcy Vogel, Port Moody, spoke in opposition to the proposed Land Use Contract Amendment, noting that the traffic issues raised at previous meetings have not been addressed by the current traffic management plan, which changes the traffic access for the Morrissey Street ramp rather than the Brew Street ramp, which is the one with the problem. Ms. Vogel stated that she supports having an office building and a reasonably sized daycare with perhaps 40 to 50 children. Ms. Vogel also noted that the parking enforcement issues have yet to be addressed.

Glen Gardiner, Vancouver, noted that the plans for the office building have already been approved, and that the second floor will bring in additional traffic regardless of the use. Mr. Gardiner noted that the proposed change in use probably would not increase traffic anymore than if the use remained as office space.

Alison Hilton, Kids and Company, noted that her company has opened nine daycares in British Columbia, ranging in size from 165 to 240 children. Ms. Hilton noted that fees range are affordable and range from $300 to $1,600 per month, and that they offer flexible hours that support different types of working families. Ms. Hilton provided information on the services offered, different ways her company has managed parking and traffic issues, and the demand for childcare.

Sarah Louisia, Port Moody, noted that she is a mother of four and has had no issues with finding childcare in the City. Ms. Louisia noted that adding a daycare of this size in Suterbrook would result in traffic problems as parents favour driving, which would significantly affect the residents' way of life.

Sally Gabirii, Coquitlam, spoke in opposition to the proposed Land Use Contract Amendment, noting that she owns an apartment in Suterbrook that she cannot rent out because prospective tenants do not wish to live close to a daycare. Ms. Gabini also noted that opening a daycare of this size in Port Moody would adversely affect the business at her daycare in Coquitlam.

Naseem Hathid, Port Moody, spoke in opposition to the proposed Land Use Contract Amendment, as opening a daycare in Suterbrook would adversely affect the business at the new daycare she has recently opened on Heritage Mountain.

Todd Dehartunia, Coquitlam, noted that daycare staff will also need places to park.

Jacquie Boyer, Port Moody, stated that daycare is a huge problem and encouraged parents to become part of the National Daycare Strategy Campaign.

The Mayor called three more times for public input. There were no
more written or verbal comments on Bylaw 2979 from the public.

Moved, seconded and CARRIED
THAT Bylaw No. 2979 be forwarded to the November 25, 2014 Regular Council meeting for further consideration.

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