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Sep 5,2006 LUC

4.1 Land Use Committee - Terms of Reference Discussion
This item was removed from the agenda as it has not yet been reviewed by council per the previous resolution
4.2  Onni/Suterbrook - Hotel - Proposed Amendments
Onni is seeking amendments to the development permit for the Suterbrook development, Hotel, to increase overall size of the Hotel (to increase banquet room/meeting room space), and the inclusion of Kitchenettes in some or all of the rooms.
This item passed unanimously by land use to recommend to council the addition of 18,000 sq ft (to 138,000 sq feet total), the inclusion of kitchenettes in some or all suites, a variance of 8 parking spots from the required total .  Although these items were referred to previously as variances, in fact there is no development permit yet issued for this parcel and it was considered only in general terms previously.  Onni representatives said their proposal is the result of actual architectural and engineering design work now having taken place.
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