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Oct 7,2015 EDC Meeting

Economic Development Committee Meeting

Agenda         Minutes

2.1 Minutes

Moved, seconded, and CARRIED
THAT the minutes of the Economic Development Committee meeting held Wednesday, June 3, 2015 be adopted.

3.1 Council Update
There was no Council update.

3.1 Mayor’s Report
There was no Mayor’s report.

3.3 Tourism Update

Councillor Dilworth reported that the Tourism Committee has begun meeting, with a relevant and enthusiastic membership. It was noted that the Tourism Committee would be working on a Terms of Reference and a Master Plan, which will eventually come back to this committee for feedback.

3.4 Food Truck Initiative Update

Staff reported that 15 people attended the food truck stakeholder meeting in June, during which suggestions were received regarding location numbers and the number of licenses. It was noted that clusters of food trucks attract people, and that stakeholders were in favour of a Food Truck Festival. Staff noted that stakeholders were also in favour of a three-tier licensing system:
. Operate on City streets;
. Operate on private property only; and
. One-day event license.

It was noted that an online survey garnered 350 responses;
96% being Port Moody residents,
95% in favour of food trucks, and
99% supporting a Food Truck Festival.

Staff noted that a report would be going to Council with recommendations to add additional locations and amend the business licensing bylaw. Councillor Dilworth noted that she would refer the upcoming Council report back to this committee for feedback.

3.5 Business License Renewals

Staff provided an overview of a 2017 electronic Business Licensing system add-on using “My Port Moody,” the City’s online portal. It was noted that the add-on will allow changes to existing business information to be captured and eventually establish local business benchmarks.
It was noted that the requirement to pay for multiple licenses when operating more than one business location was unpopular.
Staff will be invited to the November meeting to discuss business licensing.

3.6 Business Directory Progress Update

Staff reported that the Online Business Directory was moving forward as part of the City’s open data initiative/Customer Experience Project, which is expected to launch in December, with a prototype available in November for committee review.

3.7 Spike Awards Event Update

Staff provided an overview of the upcoming event, noting that speakers have been selected and a slide presentation has been prepared. It was also noted that a One-Minute Pitch competition would take place and a commemorative video presented. It was noted that the mail-out to the business license holders was sent out according to plan and there were more nominations this year than ever before.

3.8 Sub-Committee Update: High Tech / Marine Research Committee

Cllr. Dilworth noted that this item has been on the City’s radar for many years, and that a meeting was recently held regarding Council’s level of commitment to a marine research science centre. It was noted that the next step would be to plan a workshop for Council to strengthen the Strategic Plan focus in Economic Development, which includes high tech development.

4.1 New Business Strengthening Partnerships and Collaborations – Discussion
This item was deferred to an upcoming agenda.
Committee members had been asked to bring back ideas about collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations as endorsed by Council. The Chair will work with staff on a report regarding potential collaboration.

5.1 Information Small Business Saturday
Attachment: Letter to the Mayor – Canadian Federation for Independent Business, dated September 30, 2015
The letter was received as information.

5.2 Updated Monthly Work Plan
Attachment: Economic Development Committee 2015 Work Plan / File: 13-6870-01/01

It was noted that the work plan was on track.

5.2 Roundtable

There was no discussion

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