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Why is the OCP being reviewed ?

 An OCP sets out long term plans for a community, generally 20 years or more - however, it is usually revisited and reviewed every 5 years, to ensure that it is kept up to date with the realities of the changing world we live in. 
 Anyone who has lived in Port Moody for 20 years is aware that the vision of our community in 1986 is probably nothing like the community has become in reality today.  Increased pressures for population and transportation needs in particular have been significant and had a large impact on Port Moody. 
Growth in our neighbouring communities to the east has put increase pressure on our transporatation and road networks. Changes in the region has meant that the traditional 'live in the suburbs, work in Vancouver' model is going away - rapidly - as areas such as Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford become hubs for manufacturing and employement. Increases in housing prices has caused a buying shift to attached housing and condiminiums as the major housing supply in the market today.  Changes in our 'heavy' industries - such as Petro Canada and Imperial Oil - has changed the land use in our community.
MANY , many changes have taken place over the past decade, and will continue into the next.  The goals and aspriations of our residents may not be the same as the past, and their lifestyle demands have changed - and the city must change with the population to best serve the residents, both existing and future, requirements !
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