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Feb 25,2016 Tri City News

Sarah Payne / Tri City News                                    
February 25, 2016

Port Moody old fire hall                                                                   

Port Moody's old fire hall site sits empty in the city's town centre but residents can expect to hear about some potential plans for that prime property this summer.

Whether it will turn into an assisted-living facility for seniors, however, isn't necessarily a slam dunk.

At Tuesday's meeting, council shot down a resolution to have the Community Care and Seniors Focus committees investigate options for the development of an assisted-living facility on the property at the corner of Ioco Road and Murray Street, saying it is too soon to earmark it for one particular purpose.

"I think it's premature," said Coun. Diana Dilworth. "I would like city council to have the opportunity to step back and determine what our parameters are around seniors' assisted housing, and when we have enough information and enough guidance, at that point refer the item back to our… committees."

The city is already working on options for the site through the lens of the new official community plan, said Mayor Mike Clay, and there should be some discussion points ready in the summer or early fall.

Other members of council, however, said the committees should move forward with their investigations, noting there is little harm in listening to their ideas.

"I agree we don't want to predetermine the use of that site but this motion very clearly says that this potential use be considered… and I think that feeds into the dialogue," said Coun. Rick Glumac.
Coun. Zoe Royer echoed his sentiments, saying the committees' work could happen in tandem with council's ongoing process in determining future uses of the site.

Clay disagreed, however, saying the committees pursuing an assisted-living facility at the old fire hall would be "contrary to what's going on in the OCP."

The motion to have the committees work together on investigating assisted living options for the site was defeated, with Clay and councillors Dilworth, Meghan Lahti and Barbara Junker opposed.
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