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Maintaining a livable community, that is affordable and accessible for people of all ages, abilities and incomes, ensures that we have a strong community. We have a diverse range of housing and living options now in Port Moody that allows our residents to enjoy all stages of life - from our parks and recreation services, our arts and culture initiatives, our blend of single family/multi family residential, and our businesses, we have a community that allows people to live, work, and play from childhood to retirement.

We need to ensure that we are not forcing seniors to leave their homes because they can no longer afford their taxes, or because they do not have easy access to the services they require. We need to ensure young families have appropriate opportunities for children and youth - in education, recreation and overall life development. We need to provide a mix of housing options that allows people to transition from single living to family living, affordably, and not forcing them to leave Port Moody when they choose to start a family.

As Mayor, I continue to promote a diversity of housing and living options that services our population, both today and into the future. I work with local business, and atracting business, to develop increased employment IN our community to allow residents to work close to home. One of the most significant achievements on my first term as Mayor was the application for a 9 storey office tower to be built by Onni at Suterbrook.  Connected to the high speed fibre network, and being adjacent to a Skytrain line, this is an opportunity for Port Moody to host up to 600 additional jobs in our community, and for our residents to work close to home.
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