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Not invisibility, but transparency. The decision making process of council should be open and transparent, and all information should be shared. We have the luxury of access to resources that many people do not, through senior government, UBCM, FCM, etc. , and it benefits everyone to share those resources, and to include different points of view in our decision making process.

I am the only member of council that keeps ALL of my information in the public domain, via my website, where anyone can access the information I collect in my role as a member of Council.

There are always issues - specific staffing or legal issues - that must be handled 'in camera' , but issues cannot be kept from the public simply because they are 'uncomfortable' or may reflect poorly on Council or staff.

As Mayor, I will continue to share information with all residents, as well as moving the city and Council to also provide more and more timely information to residents. I continue to work with Council to demonstrate how a small 'front end' investment in communicating can generate substantial savings in our day to day activities.

I challenge each occurrence of information being handled 'behind closed doors' and ensure that all discussions of Council are held in the public domain unless absolutely necessary to be kept in private.
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