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2014 Campaign Page


Mike Clay for Mayor of Port Moody


Mike Clay for Mayor of Port Moody

Accountability. Responsibility. Transparency. Integrity. Sustainability. Livability.

For some, these are buzz words - for me, these are some of the words to describe what I bring to city council every day. These are the principles I use when making decisions on the issues that affect our community. These are the principles that residents tell me are important to them in our civic governance.

Nine years ago, I made a commitment to the residents of Port Moody that I would make decisions based on these principles - and I have delivered.

As Mayor, I have provided three years of leadership on the issues that are important to residents :

  • fiscal responsibility and sustainability - keeping taxes affordable
  • maintaining and enhancing city services and amenities
  • maintaining a safe community
  • celebrating our heritage
  • protecting our natural environment
  • building relationships with our neighbouring municipalities
  • increased transparency and community engagement
  • Our city is changing, our region is changing - how we govern is changing!


 Municipal government can be amazingly complex - but the fundamental issue is operating in a truly open and honest way. If residents are well informed on issues, and are included in the decision making process, good decisions will be made, and our community will prosper.  It has been my priority since being elected Mayor in 2011 to change the way we work and communicate, and we have made significant changes.. but we still have some room for improvement !

We have some specific issues that residents continue to bring up daily in our conversations: taxes, transportation, public safety, and development/growth top the list of concerns. These issues aren't unique to Port Moody, but, how we deal with them requires a Made in Port Moody approach. We need to learn from those around us, leveraging on our partnerships with other municipalities and levels of government, and use the 'best of' approach to what we deliver in Port Moody. 

For nine years, I have shown leadership on the issues and brought positive change to the city on these issues. As Mayor, I have been working hard to build new relationships and partnerships - in policing/fire services, bylaw, planning, and all city services, to the benefit of our community.  I continue to lead Council working closely with our staff, residents, neighbours and senior governments, to build the community we all desire.

Mike Clay for Mayor of Port Moody

Three years ago I made a commitment to the residents of Port Moody to bring a fresh style of leadership to City Hall an open and inclusive City Hall, where Council and residents work together to keep our community strong, vibrant and engaged. At that time, I identified the key issues and priorities our City was facing, and my approach to dealing with them.  Looking back now, I am proud of the work that Council and I have done and the outcomes we have achieved.

  • Opened new Firehall #1
  • New Arts Centre Expansion / Appleyard House
  • Westhill Covered Multi-Sport Box
  • Lowest Total Tax increase over the Council term since 1999
  • New Moody Street Overpass Sidewalk
  • Ioco Road Safety Improvements
  • Full review of all City departments for service level and efficiencies
  • Increased community engagement through Town Hall Meetings, Open Houses, Social Media
  • Long Term Strategic Financial Plan and Asset Management Plans
  • Joint Planning with other Tri Cities Municipalities
  • Increased Park Land
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Electric Vehicles in City Fleet

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