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Sep 19,2006 Blank Slate

September 19 was the kick-off meeting for the OCP review process. 
The city is approaching the OCP review with a "blank slate" method, meaning that no preconceptions are being presented, and instead, residents are free to provide their input on any aspects of our community.
Meeting one was broken into three sections:
 Graffithi -  residents were invited to write their comments on large sheets on the walls, broken into categories:
    Environment, Economic Development, etc.
 5-5-5 - groups were formed to discuss 5 things people like about Port Moody, 5 things they dont like, 5 things they would like to see in the future, and how they would like to be engaged.
The 5-5-5 roundtables were then discussed in the theater in an open format with a representative of each group presenting a recap of the groups discussion.
Common themes that emerged:
  • Small Town Charm
  • Heritage
  • Parks and Trails
  • Greenspaces
  • Friendly, approachable staff and council
  • Art
  • Traffic
  • Development ahead of infrastructure
  • Lack of cycling lanes
  • Lack of information on development
  • Too much development too fast
  • Library too crowded
Things we'd like to see for the future:
  • Heritage preservation
  • Traffic improvements
  • Granville Island like development
  • Increase City Of the Arts branding and public art
  • Build on our PORT status
  • Youth based initiatives
  • Bigger / better public market , night market
  • Maintain diverse mix of industry, commercial, residential - dont become bedroom community
How we'd like to be engaged:
  • Website, possibly dedicated to the OCP, with feedback opportunities online

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