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Personal Background

Myself, and my family, have been active members of the Port Moody community since 1935, when my grandparents moved to the home I currenly live in, in Moody Centre.
I have deep roots in Port Moody, and cherish and respect the cities history.
I graduated, in 1984, from Port Moody Senior Secondary, and have spent most of my life involved in sailing, canoeing, kayaking activities from Rocky Point Park.  My father was one of the founders of the Rocky Point Sailing Association, and worked for 20 years developing a vision for what is now the Old Mill Boathouse at Rocky Point, a facility that I use, and enjoy, regularly.  My grandfather worked for several decades at the then Flavelle Cedar Mill, and my grandmother was employed with the school district as a caretaker at Moody Elementary - where my mother and uncle attended school and later, where my mother worked as a teacher.  My mother also taught for many years at Pleasantside Elementary and Moody Middle.
My grandparents were very active members in their retirement years of the Kyle Centre, and were instrumental in the building of the new centre, and the establishment of many of the still existing clubs, such as the snooker and rock and gem clubs.  My grandfather used to take us carpet bowling in the "old" rec centre, and I have fond memories of our time spent there.
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