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Aug 3,2006 - CBC News

Tree cutting in Surrey triggers investigation
CBC News

Surrey bylaw officers are investigating the cutting of 11 mature trees  10 cedars and one Douglas fir  on private property in the Lower Mainland community last weekend.

Homeowners can apply for a permit to cut trees, but the city's building manager said no permit was obtained for the property in South Surrey where the trees came down.

Under Surrey's tree protection bylaw, any tree wider than 30 centimetres in diameter is protected.

A City of Surrey arborist measured the trees on Monday and said one of the cedars that was cut was 1.2 metres across.

If charged and convicted, the property owner could be hit with a fine of more than $100,000.

Former owner Anne Clough said she sold her home last month to a Surrey businessman, who told her he might cut down a couple of trees to build a bigger house on the property.

"We thought that he would do it the proper way, not realizing how hard it is to cut a tree down. We didn't like the idea, but once you sell, you know, you don't have control over things anymore."

CBC News has not been able to contact the new owner of the property.

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