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Oct 1,2003 - Now News - Letters


Letters, Now News:

I would like to put in a good word for the Smart Choices Society and the web portal.

Earlier this summer, I took the website training program that was offered at the Coquitlam Innovations Centre through the Smart Choices Society.

I had two extremely enlightening training sessions where I was taken through the initial stages of putting a website together.

I was then guided through the interesting and challenging process of building a website for my first-aid training business.

I have been incredibly impressed with the service provided by this dedicated group of individuals. They work very hard to continuously upgrade and improve the already excellent service they provide.

They are approachable and supportive and extremely quick to respond to requests for information and support.

As a busy mother of two with a home-based business, having a website is proving to be invaluable.

It allows me to reach a far wider audience than before, and has provided me with a useful tool to communicate with my clients.

The Smart Choices team has given me the knowledge and tools to build and update my own website from home on my own computer.

This has been convenient and, of course, far less expensive than having another company do it for me. Not only that, but I have also improved my knowledge of computer systems and website building and that makes me feel great. It has been like doing an adult education course from the comfort and convenience of my own home. I have had some great feedback from my clients about my website.

I encourage other organizations to have their websites hosted within the portal, and I hope that the Smart Choices team will be given the credit they deserve for the valuable work they do, and for their dedication to an extremely worthwhile project.

Gill McCulloch
Safe & Sound First Aid Training

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